Month: July 2020

Visas, Immigration & Nationality

Travellers returning to the UK from Spain will have to quarantine for 14 days

UK updates the travel quarantine list The UK Government has a safe list of countries that travellers do not need to quarantine if they arrive from those countries. The government has confirmed that they will keep the conditions in these countries and territories under review. If they worsen they will reintroduce self-isolation requirements. On Saturday…
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US companies say new US visa rules benefits Canada

The Trump immigration clampdown risks many highly skilled workers from the US to move north of the border to Canada.  Company executives and immigration advisers on both sides of the border expect that the new US immigration rules will be bad for the US. Instead of protecting US jobs, Donald Trump’s restrictions on visas for…
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France post study options - 15 french post study work visa options

Post Study Options: 15 Ways to Stay in France After Your Studies

France is an appealing destination for students worldwide due to the diverse culture, gastronomy, architecture and language. Aside from getting top of the line education, fluency in the French language is a great boost to your employment potential.   France is home to prominent international corporations like Airbus, Total, Orange, LVMH, L’Oréal, and Sanofi. You’ve probably…
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UK Announces Hong Kong British National Overseas Visa

UK Announces Hong Kong BN(O) Visa

A new Hong Kong BN(O) Visa will give British National (Overseas) citizens the ability to come to the UK to make a new life. The UK is creating a new immigration route for British National (Overseas) (BN(O)) citizens from Hong Kong, reflecting the unique and unprecedented circumstances in Hong Kong and the UK’s historic and…
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Greece to Consider Opening Travel and Tourism to USA

Greece Considers Opening to Travel & Tourism from United States

It is expected that at the end of July, that Greece will consider allowing travellers from the United States to enter Greece, according to the government’s spokesman, Stelios Petsas. Greece to Open Borders to US Travellers When talking about the lifting of Greece’s ban on direct flights from the United Kingdom on July 15 and…
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