Month: March 2021

Visas, Immigration & Nationality

Iceland Opens to Vaccinated UK and US Tourists

Iceland is broadening its tourism base by equally welcoming vaccinated travellers from all countries without mandatory testing or quarantine, notably the US and UK, its largest tourism markets in recent years. The exemption also pertains to those who can provide valid documentation of prior infection. Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir stressed that in the past…
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US Immigration: House Passes Immigration Bill Giving Dreamers a Path to Citizenship

The US House of Representatives has passed a bill that would give undocumented immigrants, including “Dreamers”, a pathway to citizenship. The House on 18 March voted 228 to 197, to set up a legal pathway to citizenship for Dreamers. Dreamers are people who came to the US as undocumented minors and who received temporary protections…
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Post Study Work Options: How to Get a Work Visa in Japan After Studies

Japan is an island country in East Asia, located in the northwest Pacific Ocean. The country is known for its low crime rates, efficient service levels and transportation system, world-changing innovations as well as its world renowned culinary arts. Japan is indeed a great place not only to visit but also to live and work.…
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EU Confirms ‘Digital Green Certificate’ That Will Allow British Nationals to Travel

The EU has published details of its “digital green certificate” which will see travellers having to provide information on whether or not they have been vaccinated, carry antibodies or have had a negative COVID-19 test.  The EU is set to confirm its plans to move ahead with a “digital green certificate” for travel. Reportedly, visitors…
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Documents Required for Fiancés Applying for Entry Clearance

Documents Request List – UK Fiancé Visa Entry Clearance Application Documents Required Please find below the documents request list that will be needed for your application for a visa to enter the UK as a fiancé of a British or Settled person. There are also forms that need completing. For your application, we will only…
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