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2014 FIFA World Cup

It is going to be for sure one of the most wanted sport events of the year. Congratulations to the lucky ones will see live and colour the matches. From June 12 to July 13, the world will stop for the 20th FIFA World Cup. For the citizens who is required a visa, you can…
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Immigration Advice Consultation Services

Immigration Advice

Protect yourself and your data, and your visa, immigration or citizenship application. Get regulated immigration advice to avoid the chances of things going wrong. At IaM, we can say with pride that we have the recognition of the regulatory authority for immigration advice: Officer of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Their slogan says everything “Good Immigration advice is…
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Applications made in UK with new service standards

Since, 1 January 2014 the service standards have changed for applications made in UK. As for applications received before January 1, 2014 will be subject to the rules in force at the time they were submitted. Applications made within the UK processing times: – 8 weeks (10 days priority postal and same day premium) for customers…
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Visa processing times

The Visa processing times changed in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Sri Lanka and Maldives. These times can change on a daily basis for the places mentioned before. Be aware, that visa services are provided with the established standards for quality and timeliness. Visa processing (non settlement): 15 working days. Visa processing (settlement): 60 working days. Customer enquiry response times: 20…
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Mexico launched the priority visa service

This priority visa service is available for all visa categories with the exception of: Settlement, EEA Family Permit, Tier 1 and Overseas and Commonwealth visa applications. EEA Family Permit applicants are not required to purchase priority services. EEA Family Permit applications are considered priority, free of any additional charge, in line with the UK Entry…
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