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Travelling to the Schengen Area despite the COVID-19 Coronavirus

The latest information What is the Coronavirus? The real name of the virus is SARS-CoV-2 for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, responsible for the COVID-19 disease. Coronavirus Transmission, Symptoms and Recommendations The coronavirus has been first transmitted by animals to people (the scientists are still unsure if pangolins or bats are responsible for it)…
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British Passport Design Shortlist

The New British Passport after Brexit – The Blue British Passport

The European Union The European Union – frequently referred to as the EU – is an economic and political alliance involving 28 European nations. It began after World War Two to promote economic co-operation, with the belief that countries which trade mutually are more likely to shun warring with each other. It has since evolved to become a “single…
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18 non-Schengen countries you can visit with a Schengen visa

18 Non Schengen Countries You Can Visit With a Schengen Visa

Want to take a break from your 9-5 job and go on an adventure in Europe? Have you already got your Schengen Visa and are ready to take the best road trip of your life? One or several of the 26 countries that are members of the Schengen Area are waiting for your arrival. But…
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Belgium Schengen Visa UK – Your Guide to Getting a Belgium Visa

Getting a Belgium Schengen visa in the UK is a very detailed process that requires a lot of preparation before you even begin to apply. To help with the process, we’ve put together a guide on how to apply for a Schengen visa from the UK if you’re planning a trip to Belgium. Belgium Travel…
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The best unusual destinations in Europe to celebrate love You want to go on a trip with your beloved one for Valentine’s day but don’t want to go to super crowded and overrated romantic places and cities? Take a look at the following list of the best unusual destinations inside the Schengen Area to celebrate…
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