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Why being in London this Summer should be on your bucket list?

Why being in London this Summer should be on your bucket list? Aside from the clear sky, the temperature is also getting better during the transition from Winter, to Spring and eventually to Summer in London. It is the best time to go out and enjoy the beauty of the city. The sun is up…
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UK Nursing Visas – Are you a qualified nurse?

Want to Get into UK Nursing? Registered nurses who qualified abroad can come and work in the UK. You will need to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) first before you can be employed in the UK as a nurse. Trained Outside the European Union/European Economic Area If you were trained outside the…
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Family members of EEA Nationals

If you are not a European national but a family member or an extended family member of one, you can come with them to reside in the United Kingdom. What you need to know about Family members of EEA Nationals. You are a family member if you are the EEA national’s: spouse or civil partner; children…
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iam Friday Feeling – China

China provides the biggest number of new immigrants to the UK, figures have disclosed. Figures released by the Office for National Statistics disclosed that 40,000 people came to the UK last year from the country, meaning that for the first time China has provided more migrants to Britain than any other nation. When you are…
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Why David Cameron reiterates commitment to cutting net migration?

David Cameron says immigration remains a priority. Tory ambition of ensuring net migration is cut to the tens of thousands of people will be and remain committed by David Cameron and Theresa May. <<Cameron is understood to have told the cabinet that he will show his determination to keep his word on Europe by publishing the bill…
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