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How to Avoid the US Travel Ban Without Breaking Any Rules

UPDATE: Quarantine Required for All Travellers, Europe Travel Ban Still in Effect The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the travel industry into a frenzy. In order to contain the spread of the virus, many countries have issued temporary bans, which prohibit foreign travellers from entering their borders. The United States has also placed strict restrictions on…
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Post Study Work Options: How to Get a Greece Work Visa After Your Studies

Greece is in the southernmost of the Balkan Peninsula. The country is a Mediterranean paradise with more than 13,600 kilometres of coastline with breathtaking beaches, stunning mountains and lakes throughout the country. The place is not only beautiful, the locals are known to be warm and friendly.  The country is the foundation of civilisation and…
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Top 10 Passport Rankings: World’s Most Powerful Passport

A passport can be your gateway to other countries or be a hindrance to the holder. This pocket-size booklet is not just for travel identification purposes but can also be a source of pride. Passports allow more freedom and unrestricted access to other countries which not all travellers have a choice. In our new world…
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Norway Imposes Travel Restrictions and Quarantine on Austria, Greece, Ireland, UK, and the Capital Region of Denmark

Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has once again, in the space of less than a week, updated its travel advice for its citizens to four EU countries and select regions of Denmark and Sweden. The travel advice means that Austria, Greece, Ireland, and the United Kingdom are placed on Norway’s “red list”. Although not a…
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Spain offers free insurance to the Canary Islands to lure tourists as most European countries impose travel restrictions

The Canary Islands are offering tourists free insurance covering coronavirus-related incidents in an attempt to encourage visitors. Spain’s local government on the Canary Islands has signed an insurance deal to ensure that travellers will have their expenses paid if they contract the Coronavirus during a vacation. The authorities will cover domestic and foreign travellers provided…
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