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EU Delays Entry/Exit System To 2024

The EU’s Entry & Exit System (EES) is reported to have been pushed again and this time until after the Paris Olympics in 2024. The EES aims to tighten up security at EU external borders and replace the passport stamping system for travellers who do not need a visa to enter the EU has already…
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Work Remotely With Colombia’s New Digital Nomad Visa

Colombia launched its digital nomad visa in March 2023 to allow remote workers to live and work in the country for up to two years.  The government aims to lure remote workers to live in the country by highlighting the benefits of moving to Colombia. Colombia has recently exploded in popularity as digital nomads flock…
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Schiphol Airport’s Flight Cap Overturned

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has emerged victorious in a court case to prevent Amsterdam Schiphol Airport from reducing flights from 500,000 to 440,000 annually to reduce noise pollution. Though the airline may have only won a one-year reprieve. Schiphol flight reduction plan was invalidated by the court due to the state’s failure to follow proper…
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EU Council Approves Mandate For Digital Schengen Visa

The Council’s proposal to digitise the visa application process has gained the support of all EU member states’ ambassadors. The EU is embracing the digital age with open arms as the new rule will replace the current visa sticker with a technologically advanced digital visa, aimed at enhancing security and efficiency. “A digital Schengen visa…
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US Senate Voted to End COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

The US Senate voted on 29 March 2023 to terminate a COVID-19 pandemic ​national emergency order implemented by the former President in March 2020 that was due to be terminated on 11 May. The resolution, H.J.Res 7, passed the upper chamber in a 68-23 vote, with 21 Democrats joining Republicans in support of the bill.…
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