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London's Favourite Canary Wharf Immigration Avdisors

Working 9 to 5? Try a Canary Wharf Immigration Advisor!

Looking for Canary Wharf immigration Advisors? IAM (Immigration and Migration) is a  professional law firm created to help busy professionals in the city. It is situated within a few minutes’ walk from Canary Wharf station to give employees working in Central London the chance to have a consultation during lunch or after work. IAM was…
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Latest News On Immigration – Home Office Immigration & Nationality Fees 2016

An Update on the latest news on immigration is that UK V&I’s (UK Visas & Immigration) fees are going to rise again as expected and announced in January by the Home Office Immigration & Nationality Fees 2016 legislation. It sets the maximum amounts that the Home Office can charge for visas, immigration and nationality applications.…
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Know your Place of Study: Inner London or Outer London?

Where you will be studying in the UK requires different amounts of Maintenance Funds or Costs of Living Allowance. Effective from 14 November 2015, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) did not only increase the maintenance fund but have also widened the areas considered as inner London. The following living costs are required: Inner London: £1,265 per…
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Things You Need To Know About Changes in UK Immigration Rules

Statement of Changes in UK Immigration rules HC 297, published on 13 July 2015, were not very good news, particularly for international students. It is quite obvious that main changes intend to reduce numbers of applications in order to reduce net migration. Tier 4 International Students New students applying to study at publicly-funded further education colleges will no longer have…
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Students: Register of licensed sponsors

This document lists Tier 4 sponsors. It includes information about the category of students they’re licensed to sponsor and their sponsorship rating. List of organisations licensed to sponsor students under Tier 4. You can visit iam Tier 4 Register of Sponsors 30:06:2015 to know more about it.