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Netherlands Scraps Quarantine for Vaccinated UK and US Travellers

Less than two weeks after announcing a quarantine requirement for vaccinated travellers from the United States, the Netherlands has reversed its decision. The Dutch authorities have announced that some entry restrictions imposed on arrivals from very high-risk countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, will be dropped as the government gradually facilitates entry…
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The US Considers New System to Open International Travel

The easing of the US travel ban to most of Europe has been highly anticipated.  It has been revealed that the United States is developing a “new system for international travel” that will include requiring COVID vaccination and contact tracing for when the country eventually lifts travel restrictions. According to the White House Coronavirus Response…
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Australia’s Vaccine Passports

The Australian federal government announced that it will begin trials of a new vaccine passport program with select countries this week. This is a major step towards the nation’s broader reopening. Vaccine passports are widely used in the European Union. The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents almost 300 airlines globally, urged countries around…
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France Bans Unvaccinated From the US

The United States is currently on France’s green list, but this changes on Sunday, 12 September as the US will move to France’s orange list along with Israel. France has become the latest European country to remove the United States from its safe travel list, following EU recommendations due to increasing COVID infection cases in…
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EU Countries Tightening Restrictions for US Travellers

The United States was added to the white list in mid-June after reporting a decreasing trend in COVID-19 case numbers, and Americans have been able to travel around some European countries with relative ease this summer.  However, that changed last week after the US along with Israel, Lebanon, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia were removed…
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