No se olvide de su pasaporte próxima vez que vaya al hospital

No se olvide de su pasaporte próxima vez que vaya al hospital. Why?

After announcement that you will be check on UK borders, now you may have to provide passport details when you visit the hospital.

For the first time, hospitals are being told to assure the patient proves if they are entitled to FREE health treatment.

Beware as well that, outpatients clinics and A&E (Accidents & Emergency) people may have to fill in a form stating their passport number and expiry date.

This measures are part of a Government run to prevent tourists abusing the service. As part of a restriction to stop migrants and tourists abusing the National Health Service (NHS).

The Department of Health has issued guidelines to hospitals saying: “they have a legal obligation to identify anyone not entitled to free treatment” and to report it.

Note that by law, only those who have been living in the UK for at least six months are eligible for free hospital treatment on the NHS.


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