Free Immigration advice  with IAM.

Have a burning question on your visa, immigration or nationality matter? Make sure the details are correct.

Book a Free Consultation to get expert immigration advice with our specialist immigration lawyers.

Our immigration advisers, lawyers and consultants provide free immigration advice under the Free Consultation service that offers you 15 minutes to discuss your enquiries, case and even goals as part of a complete service to meet your global ambitions.

This free immigration advice offer does not include a full case assessment and legal analysis which would require longer than 15 minutes but a quick chat with our expert team of UK Immigration Lawyers to ensure you are in the right place.

​​​​​​The Free Consultation availability is a first come, first served service. There are limited appointments and a refundable booking deposit is required.
Free Immigration Advice
Simple Immigration Advice for Free

Looking for specific immigration advice about an issue you are not clear about? Why let anything restrict your horizons, global ambitions or your bucket list goals? Get free immigration advice you can rely on with:

15 Minutes Free Consultation The Free Consultation provides you with immigration advice to address specific issues.

Limited Availability Free Immigration Consultations are available in limited sessions. A deposit is required to secure a session. Once you attend, the deposit is refunded. If you do not attend, you will lose your deposit.

Permitted Changes Need little flexibility to change your appointment? Your appointment for immigration advice can be rescheduled up to two weeks in advance.

Free Immigration Advice

Free immigration advice from specialist immigration lawyers.

The Free Immigration Consultation gives you specific Immigration advice that provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions on how to proceed with your immigration matters.

We work with you so you understand the requirements for the visa or nationality you are applying for and explain how you can meet those requirements.

Whether your needs are for free immigration advice to the UK and Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Canada or the USA or any other country of destination or wherever you currently are, we can provide you with tailored free immigration advice and process your visa application quickly, with minimum hassle.

Your free immigration advice can take place either in person, over the phone or online with a highly qualified, regulated immigration lawyers.

We take detailed instructions about your immigration matter and advise you through your options and the next steps you need to take.

If you wish, we can then manage the entire application process for you to ensure the immigration advice and services provide you with the best chances of success for your citizenship or visa application.
Free Immigration Advice
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