How to Complete the Schengen Visa Application Form

What is a Schengen Visa?

The Schengen visa regime is based on the idea of Europe as a unified, borderless body. Schengen refers to more than just a jurisdictional boundary. There is no specific Schengen country; instead, it is a seamless region that represents the diversity of Europe.

Completing the Schengen visa application form

The Schengen visa has a lot of columns that must be filled. Personal data like residential address, 전화 번호, signature and the place and date of signature are needed.

Filling out the form correctly can be tricky. Here are detailed guidelines on how you can fill out the application form.

Example: Imagine a Russian visitor looking forward to staying 10 days in the Schengen Area, of which 6 days will be provided in Germany and 4 days in Sweden. 따라서, the visitor must apply to the embassy of Germany since he will spend the maximum duration in that country.

Personal Information

  • Surname: Provide your surname at birth/family name.
  • Surname at birth: Often, people’s surnames change due to a variety of reasons. It might be marriage or any other circumstances. Please provide the surname present in your birth certificate.
  • 이름: Fill in your first name as it is on your passport. No abbreviations or nicknames are allowed.
  • Date of birth: Fill in this column in the DD/MM/YYYY format.
  • ID Number: This is an optional field. Fill this in if you have a number.
  • Place and country of birth: Fill in your country and the place of birth. Provide details of province, city, and region of birth. In case your country of birth does not exist anymore, choose the country which currently controls/governs that geographical area.
  • Current nationality: Identify the countries where you hold citizenship. In case you have dual citizenship, note it down.
  • Original nationality: If your current nationality differs from your original one, fill this column in.
  • Sex: Fill in your gender.
  • Marital status: Whether you are single, 결혼, divorced or separated. Death of a spouse must also be mentioned for legal considerations.
  • Telephone number: Fill in relevant details.
  • Applicant’s home address: Please fill in your current residential address with documentary evidence.

Travel Itinerary

  • Main destination: Provide details on which country you will spend the maximum time in.
  • Type of visa: What visa type are you applying for?
  • 비자: Whether you need a collective or individual visa.
  • The number of entries requested: Mention how many times you will enter Schengen countries.
  • Purpose of travel: Mention the reason why you are visiting the area. It might be tourism, business or educational.
  • Date of arrival: The date when you will enter the Area.
  • Date of departure: The date when you expect to leave the Area.
  • Border of first entry or transit route: Mention the country and border through which you will enter the Schengen area.
  • Means of transport: Whether you will travel by car, flights, trains etc.
  • Name of host/host company/contact person: Mention the appropriate details. Often, people need to display their letter of invitation by relevant authorities like employers. Provide contact details of any organization or an individual.
  • Who will pay for your travel and living costs? Please indicate how you will provide relevant costs. Bank account statements, company literature, hotel bookings, prepaid travel bookings, 등. are all part of this section.
  • Means of support during your stay: How you intend to support your stay.

Visa History

  • Other visas: Provide details of any other visa/s you may have held in the last 3 년동안 공부했는데요. In case you do not have any past visas issued, mention it accordingly.
  • In the case of transit, do you have an entry permit for the final country of destination? Provide relevant information.
  • Previous stays in this or other Schengen states: Provide details on any past visits to the Area. It is crucial that you provide as much details as possible. Documentary evidence may be needed.

A Family Member Who is an EU or EEA or Swiss (CH) Citizen

  • Spouse’s name and family name: Provide current names and original surnames vis-à-vis birth certificates.
  • Spouse’s date and place of birth: Fill in these details based on documentary evidence.
  • 어린이: Provide details including full name/s and date/s of birth.
  • Personal data of the EU or EEA citizen you depend on: This is an optional area and should only be filled up by a citizen of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland; you need to fill in relevant details.

Final Step

  • Place and date: Mention the place and date when you are filling out the application form.
  • Signature: Affix your signature in legible letters. In case of a minor, he or she needs parental signatures and approval.

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