How We Talk About Immigration on Social Media?

How We Talk About Immigration on Social Media?

Immigration on social media

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Nowadays, immigration matters have got our attention on the different social media networks. Especially, on Twitter and the power of the hashtag tends to dictate the trends.

With the elections of 2015 nearing, social media is a new theatre for political debate, which allows people to comment on the issues they care about and to interact with those who have the power to affect change.

As well, we can’t forget the boom hashtags got when, nothing less than Mr Obama started his election campaign in 2008 with a simple #yeswecan. The political world, as well as social media world got exposure that never will be the same. Yesterday, Hillary launched her campaign with #Hillary.

How we talk about immigration on Social Media?

Recently, statistics have shown that: << Over the last fifteen years, immigration has become an increasingly important political issue in the United Kingdom – with growing concern among the settled population about its economic and cultural impact. In 2012, 60 per cent of citizens viewed the rate of settlement of migrants in the United Kingdom negatively, and three quarters wanted an overall reduction in immigration levels – scores which are consistently among the most negative in Europe. Over the same period, there has been a change in the way people access, consume and produce media: a shift away from mainstream media and toward internet- based content and social media. Social media is a new, dynamic and less hierarchical space which has opened up the public portrayal of immigration. It also presents a novel way to research and understand attitudes, trends and media consumption. >>

In polls at the end of 2014, immigration was one of the three issues at the top of the agenda for the 2015 General elections #GE2015.

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