Imigracja Zdrowie Dopłata

Imigracja Zdrowie Dopłata

Na 25 Luty 2015, Sekretarz Stanu wydał oświadczenie o zmianach przepisów imigracyjnych, w którym podkreślono szereg zmian, większość, która weszła w życie z dniem 06 Kwietnia 2015.

Immigration Dopłata Zdrowia zapewnia, że ​​tymczasowy, migranci spoza EOG przyjeżdżający do Wielkiej Brytanii dłużej niż sześć miesięcy przyczynić się do NHS zgodnie z ich statusem imigracyjnym.

The health surcharge is not a visa fee, the payment will be collected by the Home Office and this will go directly to the National Health Service and will give migrants access to the NHS. The surcharge is set at a rate and will be a lower cost depending on the duration of the stay.

This will be paid by non-EEA nationals who are applying to come to the UK to study, work or join family for a time limited period of more than six months. This will also apply to those non-eea applicants who are already in the UK and extend their stay. A summary of exemptions is listed below:

– Gości, dla 6 months or less.
Intra-company transfers (Tier 2 Skilled workers).
Children under 18 years taken into care or in the care of a local authority.
– Migranci, złożenie wniosku o udzielenie azylu, Ochrona humanitarna, or a claim that their removal from the United Kingdom would be contrary to article 3 Europejskiej Konwencji Praw Człowieka.
Victims of Human trafficking.
A migrant who applies under the Home Office concession known as the ‘destitute domestic violence concession’.
Dependents of a member of Her Majesty’s Forces.
As a dependant of a member of another country’s Forces who is exempt from Immigration Control.
Those making an immigration application related to an EU obligation, such as an application under the Turkish European Communities Association Agreement, are exempt.
Nationals of Australia or New Zealand.

The surcharge is paid online at the point of application. If your application is refused or rejected you will be automatically refunded. Jednak, if you pay the surcharge and get a visa and decided not to travel your payment will not be refunded. The payment will not be refunded if the applicant does not use the National Health Services.



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