Moving immigration and visas content to GOV.UK

Moving immigration and visas content to GOV.UK

The Home Office communications announced the plans to move the content of the UK Border Agency’s (UKBA) website to GOV.UK, which has been created as part of the government’s plans to bring all government services into one place.

Over the past couple of months the Home Office communications have been reviewing, rewriting and restructuring current UKBA content to present this in a way that is customer focused and more user-friendly to align with the GOV.UK website.

A significant amount of the UKBA content has now been moved to GOV.UK and we will shortly be looking to complete the transfer of all the information to this site.  Once this has been completed the UKBA website will be archived.

When will the UKBA website move to GOV.UK? All government NDPBs’ and agencies’ websites are scheduled to move across by July 2014. The UKBA website will be moved across as part of that work. But we are aiming to move the UKBA website to GOV.UK by March.


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