For a Parent of a Tier 4 Child Visa you should demonstrate that you: 

  • have enough money to support yourself and any dependants while in the UK
  • maintain a second home outside the UK
  • plan to leave the UK at the end of your visit
  • be able to meet the cost of the return or onward journey

Your child must also:

  • be under 12 years old
  • be studying at or about to start studying at an independent fee-paying day school in the UK
  • have a Tier 4 (Child) visa 

 Conditions of your Stay 
As part of your conditions of staying in the UK, you must:

  • not intend to study in the UK
  • be able to maintain and accommodate yourself, the Tier 4 (Child) student and any dependants out of resources available to you without accessing public funds or taking employment
  • provide satisfactory evidence of adequate and reliable funds for maintaining a second home in the UK
  • not seek to make the UK your main home

Leave in this category may be granted for up to 12 months at a time until your child reaches the age of 12. You will be given a shorter visa and will not be able to extend your stay if your child is going to have their 12th birthday in the next 12 months or finish their final year at school in the next 12 months.
Work and study in the United Kingdom are prohibited.

Renewal Applications 

When you are in the UK and wish to renew this visa, the application usually takes around 8 weeks for a decision. 

But if you apply through the same day visa service, a decision is normally made the same day. If your documents need investigating, you need to be interviewed or you have a criminal record then a decision may be delayed.

Once you have applied you can stay in the UK until you have been given a decision, as long as you applied before your last visa expired.

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