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IAM – Immigration experts in the UK

ИИМ – специалисты по иммиграции в Великобританию Решили посетить или переехать на постоянное место жительства в Великобританию? Не уверены, как правильно выбрать визовую категорию или заполнить анкету? Вы можете получить ответы на все интересующие Вас вопросы в ИИМ (Иммиграция и Миграция). Специалисты нашей юридической фирмы в центре Лондона тщательно оценят Вашу ситуацию и предложат Вам лучшее…
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Entry Clearance Applications

If you still wondering what are Entry Clearance Applications? Read this. Entry Clearance is the procedure used by Entry Clearance Officers (ECO’s) at British missions overseas to check if a person qualifies under the Immigration Rules for entry to the UK. A lot of these applications these days are being transferred back to the UK for…
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travel visa tips - do I need a visa?

Travel Visa Tips

Travel Visa Tips before you arrive to UK, what do you need to know? To enter the UK you will need to show a valid passport, or national id card if you are an EEA citizen. But if you are not an EU national, you will need to show further documentation, including a landing card and,…
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Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship From 10th March 2015

Changes apply to Tier 2 Sponsorship online systems from 10th March 2015. The new functionality permits Tier 2 Visa Family Groups to apply online. This means that Tier 2 Main Applicants can apply with their dependants using the Online Application Service easier than completing a paper form. Below is how this changes for Clients, Legal Representatives and Sponsors:…
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Wealthy Chinese Emigrate on Investor Visa

Wealthiest Chinese Investors Chose to Emigrate on Investor Visas

Unsurprisingly, Chinese Millionaires are emigrating on an Investor Visa According to statistics released, the wealthiest of Chinese Citizens chose to emigrate on an Investor Visa. Over 76,000 Chinese millionaires emigrated or were granted citizenship of another country between 2004 and 2013 as the country’s biggest companies expanded globally. Among the benefiting countries are Australia, the US…
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