商业条款 – 移民服务


All our immigration services are subject to our terms of service (terms of business) until superseded by our Client Care letter (where provided) that is issued to you.


Application Specific Terms

澄清, the criteria to be met for any application would be dependant on the relevant government requirements as outlined to you by IAM. 一般来说, 大多数应用程序要求, and you agree that:

  • 你是在 18 岁,心智健全的 & body in order to make this commitment (or have a the permission of one)
  • 您对有关国家的语言有足够的认识.
  • 你是品行良好,没有任何未使用的信念或交通违法行为
  • 你有没有未动用刑事定罪.
  • You have not been in breach of relevant Immigration Rules at any stage during any relevant period.


Our service to you includes:

  1. 通知您的信息和文件,我们需要准备你的申请.
  2. 评估的资料和文件,以确保应用程序成功的最大可能的前景.
  3. 准备必要使应用程序的所有申请表格.
  4. 准备求职信的,说明你的应用程序的目的和性质的应用, 其中,选择了.
  5. 与有关当局进行联络和你自己,直到申请作出裁决.
  6. 通知您的应用程序,任何进一步的义务的结果,你可能有按照有关当局规定的条件

In return you will agree:

  1. 所有的信息和文档要提供充分披露所有来源的基础上,, and that all documents are either originals or true certified (by a relevant body) copies.
  2. 为了提供必要的充分准确和诚实的信息与您的事务与允许我们最好的建议,并代表你的情况.
  3. 我们可以接近此类第三方可酌情为此,我们认为有必要处理您的政务信息.
  4. 为了让我们了解你的情况和联系方式显著变化.
  5. 当双方同意,该应用程序包括所有必要的文件,并准备提交您的应用程序将只发送.
  6. 不打算或预定任何旅行,除非另有通知,直到你的应用程序已经完成,护照已返回它是适合这样做.


We take confidentiality very seriously. There is an extensive policy that we have devised. You may obtain a copy at any time. For your record, I wish to provide you with an outlin of it.

All information that you provide to us is in the strictest of confidence. We will endeavour not to divulge any information to any other person, agency or party without your express prior consent. This includes the Police, the Home Office and government departments, or any other authority. It also applies to advice and information given to you by us. The above goes as far as to include the fact that you have had any contact, whether in person, by agency, 信, phone, fax, email or any other communication.

Because the nature of this policy is strict, we are unable to act on your behalf until you give us express permission to do so in relation to the above matter(s). Your signature indicates that you agree to all these terms.


知识产权 & 条款

Once our full fees are paid in full to iam (immigration and migration) any information, 相片, contents, or other documents furnished to you are owned by you.

iam (immigration and migration) assumes that you have permission from the rightful owner to use any documents or information that are provided by you for inclusion in the application, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend iam (immigration and migration) from any claim or suit arising from the use of such documents or information.

iam (immigration and migration) retains the right to ownership of work carried out on behalf of you. iam (immigration and migration) also retains the right to advertise and promote the work carried out on behalf of you, whilst maintaining client confidentiality

This agreement becomes effective only when signed by you and iam (immigration and migration). Regardless of the place of signing of this agreement, you agree that for purposes of venue, this contract was entered into in England and any dispute will be litigated or arbitrated in England, 英国.

The agreement contained in this contract constitutes the sole agreement between you and the iam (immigration and migration) regarding all items included in this agreement.

Termination of Instructions

You may terminate your instructions to us in writing at any time but please bear in mind that you may become liable in a civil claim for outstanding balances, while there is any money owing to us for our charges and expenses. Expenses will include any incurred as a result of any communications, work or representations that we will need to make as part of our regulatory or operational requirements. Signing this letter indicates your agreement.

Our fees are non refundable for work carried out. Please note that upon submission, there will be no refund due. Conversely, where you terminate your instructions, you will be refunded any fees that are paid minus work carried out based on the application timeline.

For the Check and Send Service, no refund is due upon engaging our services. Signing indicates your agreement.

In some circumstances, you may consider that we ought to stop acting for you, 例如, if you cannot give us clear instructions on how we are to proceed, or if it is clear that you have lost confidence in how we are carrying our your work.

We can decide to stop acting for you only with good reason, 例如, if you do not pay an interim bill or comply with a request for payment on account. We must give you reasonable notice that we intend to stop acting for you.

In either case, we reserve the right to pursue civil claims until full payment is received from you. You will also be responsible for our administration charges for work carried out on your behalf post cessation of acting on your behalf.

This invariably means you will be charged for all work carried out in connection with your case.

Your case will be closed as soon as practicable following cessation of your case. We store all case files away for a period of up to six years before destroying them. Therefore it would be in your interests to ensure that you collect all your documents once your case is concluded as there will be a charge for retrieval from the archives.


iam (immigration and migration) is registered with the Immigration Services Commissioner and authorised to provide this service. Our OISC registration number is F201600079. As a registered and authorised provider of immigration advice and services, we subscribe to a code of conduct that includes a complaint procedure which is below for your information and reference.

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner inspects regulated advisers to ensure that immigration advice and services are appropriate and at a satisfactory standard. One way of doing this is to review client files. If you would prefer that your file be not subjected to such examination, please indicate this when signing your client care letter.

OISC compliant complaints Procedure

We hope that you do not have cause to complain about the services that you obtain from this firm. 如果, 在您要投诉万一, 或者你不觉得高兴与提供的任何服务, there are two avenues of complaint:

  • 您可以写信给我们详细说明您的投诉.
  • 你可以抱怨移民服务局.

如果您向我们投诉, we will:

  1. 确认七天内您的投诉.
  2. 提供实质性的书面答复中您的投诉 21 天.

如果书面答复不能满足你, 我们将拨出一个小时见面,进一步讨论您的投诉. We will endeavour to hold this meeting within 14 days of further contact. We will provide you with a written record of the meeting within 14 days of it taking place and may recommend that you seek an alternative adviser if there appears to be a position of deadlock. If the matter is not resolved at this stage, we may also advise you to take the matter to the Immigration Services Commissioner.

Complaints should be addressed to:

Complaints, IAM(移居和移民)

225 马什墙


E14 9FW

If you do not wish complain to us, you may complain to the Immigration Services Commissioner at any time, irrespective of whether or not you have complained to us at;

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

5th Floor, 21 Bloomsbury Street



联系电话: 0345 000 0046 www.oisc.gov.uk

Contact the OISC if you require further details of their complaints procedure.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

The OISC requires us to have Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII). The purpose of PII is to cover any compensation we may need to pay to correct a mistake or to cover any legal costs due to negligence, misrepresentation and/or inaccurate advice that may cause, or contribute to, financial or other loss to the client.


If you would like to proceed with an application, 我们使用, 请按指定方式确认. 然后,我们会将您的文档的完整列表,我们会要求准备申请.



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