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英国从世界各地吸引学生和是著名的教育机构和设施, 夜生活, 艺术和文化只是仅举几件事情. 之间 2015 – 2016 the UK attracted 127,440 international students from within the EU and 310,575 from outside the EU (Institutions.ukcisa.org.uk, 2017).

Moving to a new country can be extremely challenging, different cultures, 语言, and taste buds can all add up to an overwhelming experience for students. Despite its faltering economy, unpredictable weather, and the sky-high living costs the UK still attracts students from throughout the globe with its world-class institutions and facilities. This article looks to give students a ‘heads upand help them ease into living in the UK.

Accommodation is expensive.

尽管在最昂贵的国家而言住在属于在全球范围内, 这主要是由于英镑的贬值, 英国仍然是一个生活昂贵的地方和学习. 伦敦最近排名第30最昂贵的城市在世界上生活. Cost of living will, 当然, vary depending on location in the UK and lifestyle. Renting a furnished two-bedroom apartment in the London averages about GBP 1,900 每月, with large price variations between different areas (Expat Arrivals, 2017). 租在其他大城市如曼彻斯特, 伯明翰或利兹将是一个小更合理.

学生可以通过看租用更大的房子内一个房间省钱, it is possible to rent a room in London for around GBP 400 per month (Expat Arrivals, 2017). 众议院股也是一个伟大的方式,以满足其他年轻人. 学生可以使用网站,如mystudenthalls.com找到这些类型的住宿.


除了住宿费用, 伦敦附近的移动可能很昂贵. 作为在伦敦市中心当前学生, 我看到我的同学花费高达 1000 英镑的交通这一预算的很大一部分分配给UBER或其他类似的服务, 相反, 我每月平均费用大约是 90- 100 pounds for commuting.

The United Kingdom is served by a national network of trains and long-distance buses, but with the growth of low-cost airlines in Europe it is also possible to fly between cities at very reasonable prices. Train travel in the UK can be expensive. 平均, a return train fare between London and Manchester costs around GBP 70. Students can save money by booking the journey well in advance or by investing in a railcard (Expat Arrivals, 2017).Apply for Oyster or railcard here.

Eating in.

The latest Menurama Survey from Horizons revealed that the prices on pub and restaurant menus have gone up 6% in the last six months.

The average price of the average starter (£5.59), average main course (£10.62) and average dessert (£4.20), now mean that a meal for two including a (fairly) average bottle of wine (say, £15) will cost, on average, £55.82 (Naylor, 2013). International students can look to save money by eating at home, the monthly minimum recommended amount of money spent for food per person is only 175.69 (Western diet) and 137.67 (Asian diet), potentially huge savings for students.

Accessing Libraries.

As students, libraries are a necessity, The Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL) represents all the university libraries in the UK and Ireland, irrespective of the mission group, this includes national libraries and many of the UK’s colleges of higher education. By joining SCONUL students are able to access 175 libraries throughout the UK and Ireland (Sconul.ac.uk, 2017).

More information about SCONUL can be accessed at their website

We will be writing a blog on the top libraries in the UK over the coming weeks.


And now the fun part, the weather in the UK is nothing to shout about, but the UK is blessed with a host of nightspots and renowned for its nightlife.                                     Depending on where you are located in the UK here is a list of the 10 best nightspots in the UK (in no particular order) as compiled by The Guardian.


  1. 子俱乐部格拉斯哥

如果你碰巧位于格拉斯哥,你可以检查出亚俱乐部, which has been the centre of dance music in Glasgow since the birth of house music in the UK. 仍然, as vibrant and lively as the first day it opened, Sub Club generally opens from 11 pm to 3 上午.

  1. 面料伦敦

在第一开口 1999, 面料现已占有 45,000 square foot space in Central London. The club is split into 3 rooms each providing the visitor with a unique experience. One notable feature of the club is the “bodysonic” dancefloor “sections of the floors are attached to 450 bass transducers which emit bass frequencies, allowing clubbers to feel the music through the low-end frequencies transmitted into their skeletons via their feet.” (Fabric London, 2017)

  1. The Rainbow Venues

If you happen to be in one of the many Universities in Birmingham, you are in luck, 彩虹地点一直处于“布鲁姆”的泡吧现场的最前沿,是一个大的场地, 多间客房都提供不同的“共鸣”. 例如“酒窖”被位于楼下和小, 有一个低矮的天花板, 伟大的灯光和音响. In contrast to that, you have ‘The Warehouse’, 一个大房间,没有多余的装饰.

  1. 利兹西印度中心

By day this venue is a community centre, 到了晚上它转换成最神奇的场馆之一, providing party-goers with an authentic dancehall experience. 分成两个部分,主室和第二空间, 这个场地将真正给国际学生一个晚上要记住.

  1. 汤厨房曼彻斯特

坐落在一个前拳击馆在曼彻斯特的北区是汤厨房. 场内有两层, 楼上有与旋转不错的音乐,而你享受你的食物驻场DJ,酒吧/餐厅, 楼下是地下室俱乐部和演出场地. The Soup Kitchen has an intimate vibe with the focus being the music. The crowd that frequents is a mix of seasoned local and young bright students.

  1. The Night Kitchen, 谢菲尔德

Located in an old Sheffield cutlery is the Night Kitchen, which utilizes the location to create a dark warehouse-party atmosphere. If it was not for the lines outside, it is safe to assume that you would not give the warehouse front a second glance. If you’re looking for a space to simply enjoy good tunes without all the stage and light shows this is a great venue to get lost in the music (The Guardian, 2015).

  1. 在营和炉豪斯, 利物浦

类似夜厨房, 豪斯在利物浦试图复制一个仓库的感觉- 派对. 这个地方是黑, 视觉显示器采取传统照明的地方. 是什么让这个场地突出的是,它允许发起人发挥创意,让他们的想象力像脱缰的野马, as they treat the venue as a blank canvas.

  1. Full Moon Pub and Attic Bar Bristol

Located in the ‘artsy’ part of town (Stokes Croft) are two buildings separated by a Shisha Bar Courtyard; the Full Moon Pub and Attic Bar brings a festival vibe to every weekend. The music can be described as eclectic and the owners have more roots-orientated music policy. Good news for students, is that there is usually a very low (or free).

  1. Concorde 2 Brighton

The Concorde 2 in Brighton feels more like a concert venue than a nightclub, but it still provides the raw intensity that clubbers look for on a Friday night. This venue has been around since the 90s and has it all, great location, great stage and amazing sound system.

  1. Dalston Superstore, 位于伦敦的中心商业地段

The Dalston Superstore provides everything anyone would need for an amazing night out under one roof. The ground floor has a Brooklyn-style theme, with great cocktails and amazing DJ from across London. There is an art exhibition held at Dalston on a regular and the basement is where people go to let their hair down and have a good time.

For those lucky enough to be situated in the cities capital, we will be compiling a list of the capitals most student-friendly bars in the next few weeks.

As a current international student in the UK, I hope that readers will find this blog post helpful, if you need assistance in applying for a student visa or related services, please contact us at…



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