To all the migrants into UK: Well Done

To all the migrants into UK: Well Done

For this days on the English newspapers, highlighted titles such as “Migrant Entrepreneurs Prove Their Worth”, “One in six Reading businesses have been set up by immigrants” and “Immigrants more highly qualified than Brits – Manchester Uni study” are very important for us.

<<The headlines are buzzing about immigration, especially as the 2015 elections are quickly approaching for Britain. Shockingly, migrant entrepreneurs play a much bigger role than previously believed. We can thank migrant entrepreneurs for starting one in seven UK companies. Surinder Arora is part of that one in seven. Unable to speak a word of English, he arrived from India – just a young 13-year-old boy. Four decades later, he owns a long line of hotels in Britain. He also operates the Heathrow’s Sofitel franchise.>>, Wall Street Daily, published Mar 11/2014 – online version (n.a.).

<<Reading is seventh in the top 10 towns where immigrant businessmen and women start up their companies. (…) More than 44,000 firms, large and small, in Reading, were set up by people born in Britain compared to 7,022 set up by immigrants to the UK. The cosmopolitan origins of businesses in Reading is among the highest in the UK.>>, getreading, published Mar 12/2014 – online version (n.a.).

<<Academics from Manchester University have found that many immigrants to Britain are more qualified than white Britons. The research showed that people born outside the UK are more likely to have a university degree than those born in the UK. The study is released as politicians of all parties dispute the economic cost and benefit of immigration to the UK. Nigel Wilson reports.>> Voice of Russia UK, Mar 12/2014 – online version (n.a.).

To all the migrants into UK: well done!

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