USA: CDC Issues ‘Very High’ Warning Against All Travel to Canada

USA: CDC Issues ‘Very High’ Warning Against All Travel to Canada

With over 1 million COVID-19 cases in Canada, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a warning against all travel to Canada due to the “current situation” in the country. 

The United States CDC issued a Level 4 or “very high” warning against all travel to Canada, stating: “Because of the current situation in Canada even fully vaccinated travellers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants.”

If they must travel to Canada, U.S. residents are advised to “get fully vaccinated before travel.” Further, all travellers are instructed to wear a mask, stay six feet from others, avoid crowds, and wash their hands.

Currently, the Canada-US land border restrictions have been extended until 21 April. The restrictions do not apply to air, freight rail, or sea travel between the United States and Canada.

New Virus Variants

Although Canada has some of the strictest border rules in the world, it has not stopped COVID-19 from spreading in the country including a new outbreak in British Columbia of the highly contagious and more deadly variants. The variants of concern in British Columbia are B117, first detected in the U.K., and P1, associated with Brazil.

Doctors say they’re seeing a disturbing trend of younger patients with the disease between the ages of 20 to 50 requiring critical care.

Vaccine Rollout

It has been reported that Canada’s vaccine rollout has been one of the slowest in the developed world. With only 2% of its population fully vaccinated, the country ranks 43rd overall with vaccination rates similar to developing countries including Indonesia and Brazil.

Meanwhile, the US has an average of 3 million vaccine doses per day which led to changes on CDC guidelines. Recently, CDC has updated the guideline allowing domestic air travel for the vaccinated especially for grandparents. CDC advised domestic travel is “low risk”.

Canadians have felt strongly about keeping the land border closed to the United States but with the rate of vaccination in the US, it will be the US that reaches herd immunity far before its neighbor to the north. 

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