Schengen Visa Interview Questions and Answers and How to Prepare for it

Schengen Visa Interview Questions and Answers and How to Prepare for it

Unless you are using a service, like our premium Schengen visa processing service (and you have been informed that your attendance is not required), you will need to attend in-person to submit your Schengen visa application. …Which leads to the inevitable question that is usually going through your mind: “What Schengen visa interview Questions and answers will happen at the submission?

The hardest part of the Schengen Visa application is attending the visa interview. It is a face to face interaction with the Diplomatic Officials who will scrutinise not only your documents but also check the consistency of your answers where they will base their decisions on whether you will be granted a visa or not.

The visa interviewer needs to determine that you are a genuine tourist who will follow the territory’s rules and has no questionable motives while staying in the Schengen Area. These are personal probing questions so you should be able to provide detailed answers.  

To confidently answer the visa interviewer, you should plan ahead and be prepared with the possible Schengen visa interview questions and answers. Here are the compiled routine questions and some tips on how to answer these questions. Be aware that not all questions below will be raised during the interview.

Questions related to your travel

What is the purpose of your trip?

This is the most common question and you should be ready with your answer. You should be confident in answering this question by mentioning your plans during your stay as a tourist, a business traveler or visiting a family member. It would be great if you can provide specific details. 

Is someone traveling with you?

If you indeed have a companion during the trip, be sure to clarify the relationship you have with your companion(s). You can also mention the name, age and employment of the people you are with if you are travelling as a group.

How long are you planning to stay in the Schengen Zone?

Make sure that your answer coincides with your application form. You can mention the time of departure and your scheduled return to the country. You can also mention your future plan to travel at another time within a six months period (supporting document may be requested). Keep in mind that your visa will be issued depending on the time you plan to stay in the Schengen Area.

If you are applying for a long-term visa, explain how the work you’ve planned to undertake needs time to be completed. You need to reassure the interviewer that you will come back before the visa expires.

Can you shorten your trip? Why do you require a visa for such a long period?

This is intended to agitate you so do not panic. Tell your interviewer your plans and interest to sightsee different tourist destinations within the Schengen Area which may require more time but assure them that you will return before your visa expires. Also mention that you are ready to reschedule your plans and shorten your trip if required.

When will you be traveling?

You should be able to provide the exact date and clear return plan to show that you will not overstay your welcome in the Schengen Zone.

Where will you stay during your trip?

State the places you plan to stay and show that you have booked these places. It would be better if you can name the establishments. You can also mention if your accommodation has been prepaid. If you are going to multiple countries, then mention this to your interviewer so they can issue the number of entries needed during your travel.

Have you secured your flight tickets?

Simply state yes or no. This will support the purpose of your trip and your intention to return before the visa expires.

Is this your first time in the Schengen Area?

A yes or no question but you can state why you plan to travel now and the places you plan to visit.

Have you visited any other Schengen country before?

Simply say yes or no. If yes, you enumerate the countries have previously visited and also mention the dates. Try to be exact with the information you provide. You also state why you want to travel to the Schengen Zone again.

Tell me about the country you are visiting.

Mention specific places found in the Schengen Area that you plan to visit and why you chose the specific country for your visit. Mentioning bits and pieces of the place you will be visiting is a brownie point for you. You can also mention that due to freedom of movement you plan to visit multiple countries if possible

How will you travel from one place to another?

This is a quite an important question as this would convince your interviewer that you are a genuine tourist and have considered your options before visiting the country. Check out public transportations available and you can also read through travel blogs to get concrete ideas. 

Why should we grant you a visa?

Explain why you want to visit and that you are fascinated with the culture of the different Schengen Member States and want to personally experience it. Also mention that you are financially able to support yourself during this trip.

How do I know you will return to your home country?

Mention your family members, ongoing studies, current job position, business, or properties. You can also mention that you have already booked your return trip. 

Schengen Visa Interview Questions and Answers about you and your family or friends

Where do you live? 

Provide details of the address of your residence. Mention if you are staying at a temporary/permanent residence or have a secondary residence elsewhere. This will prove that you will return to your country of origin.

Are you married?

If you are married, make sure to commit to memory the exact marriage details. Any incorrect answer on years of marriage might be seen as a dubious motive.  If not married, you can simply say you are unmarried.

Do you have any children?

If you have children, state their names, gender, and age. You can also provide if they are studying or working and if they will accompany you on the trip. If you do not have kids then simply say no.

Do you have any family members or friends in the Schengen Area? When did you last contact them?

If yes, then ensure that you have a list of names beforehand otherwise the embassy may consider it an attempt to skip the answer. It is important to give the interviewer details about the person’s place of residence, employment details, and visa specifications.

If the purpose of your travel is a vacation, assure the interviewer that you are only visiting the country on travel and not on business. But, if you do intend to work with your relative in the Schengen country, provide the details as well.

Do you intend to work during this trip?

If you are not in an official business trip, then reassure the interviewer you do not plan to look for a job. Stick to the purpose of your travel indicated on your application form.

Are you related to or have you ever been involved with any terrorist activities?

Reassure the official that you belong to a respectable family and that neither you nor any of your relatives and friends have any relation to terrorist or anti-social elements of any kind. Show the official you are completely against such awful acts and individuals who commit them.

Questions related to your studies or work

Are you a student? Are you on a scholarship there? 

If you are a student, state the name of the college/university, give the interviewer the address of the institution. Also mention a bit why you choose this college/university. If you’re there on scholarship, mention the institution that issued the scholarship and explain the terms and duration. 

If you are working, state the number of years working for the current company.

If you are self-employed, provide details of the company’s registration, address, employee statistics, and partner/s details.

Do you have any relatives or acquaintances studying at this University?

If you are applying for a student visa, declare the names and relationships with the relatives or friends that are currently studying in the same university.

Have you applied to other universities?

Mention the names of the universities where you applied for admission to and state the status of admission.

Do you plan to pursue higher education?

State your plans and mention that there is a possibility for you to consider this opportunity in the long-term future.

If you are employed, do you have proof that you are on temporary leave from your employer?

You will need to submit a signed Leave Approval Letter from your employer.  This is an essential document to prove you will be returning to your country of origin.

What is your role in the company?

Mention the name of your company and general information about your work. Do not provide sensitive information.

How long are you employed with your current company?

Mention the number of months/years you are with the company. Mention that this is continuing employment so you have a reason to return.

Questions about your finances

Who will fund your trip?

Do not hesitate to provide your bank statement. If it’s your father/mother/spouse/sponsor who is financing your trip, then give his/her contact details and his/her income statement. This will show that you can sustain yourself while you travel. 

How much do you earn? 

For employees state your monthly income. 

If you are self-employed then state the net earnings.

How much will this trip cost you?

This will show you are a convincing candidate and you have anticipated how much you will spend during your travel and is able to deal with them during your stay. You need to calculate your budget before and after your arrival in the Schengen Area

When was the last time you paid your income tax?

This is an important question meant to test your financial background and your honesty. Additionally, you might provide evidence to show that you are a responsible citizen who pays its taxes.

Strange Schengen Visa Interview Questions and Answers infographic

Odd questions you might be asked during an interview

“Why are you travelling alone?” – asked to a solo traveller
“Why not take your husband’s last name?” – asked to a married woman
“Are you a spy?”– asked to a frequent traveller
“Why do you have a lot of stamps on your passport?” – asked to a frequent traveller
“How many wives do you intend to bring?” -asked to a Middle East businessman

These questions may sound absurd to you but this helps highlight cultural differences. Rule of thumb as a traveller is to respect the other cultures.

Other tips

Aside from preparing for the visa interview questions, you should also pay attention to how you behave before and during the interview. You should be in the visa center/embassy 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment and do not forget to bring the necessary documents. It is only normal to be nervous during interviews so take a few deep breaths and stay calm.  Remember to be consistent with your answers and give it your best shot.



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