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EU’s Entry/Exit System to Worsen UK-French Border Congestion

According to a new report, UK passengers waiting at the French border may anticipate their wait to more than double when digital inspections for non-EU travellers are implemented. Because of the Entry/Exit System (EES), millions of non-EU travellers will have their pictures taken and fingerprints collected and stored on the EU’s database. The approach is…
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Shift in European Travel Trends: Climate Change Role in Reshaping European Travel Patterns

With temperatures in Europe at an all-time high this summer, travel preferences are predicted to transform in the coming years. Experts estimate that July will become a less popular month for vacationing in Europe, with April emerging as the best time to travel. In late July, the European Commission adopted a new set of guiding…
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Rhodes Greece: Free Getaways for Those Affected by Wildfires

Greece is offering free trips to tourists whose vacations have been cut short due to wildfires. The ‘state of emergency’ issued by Greek authorities in Rhodes on July 26th due to wildfires has officially been lifted. The Greek government is now working with tourism bodies and local authorities on a wider plan to restore travel…
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Spain Abolishes 6-Month Absence Rule For Temporary Residents

Spain has much to offer for individuals who want to relocate to live, work, and study in the country. It boasts fascinating culture, great weather, and a laid-back lifestyle.  Now, your residence permit, which is valid for up to five years,  will remain valid even if you are away from the Spanish territory for 6…
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UK Issues Travel Warning To Portugal

The UK Foreign Office has issued an updated travel warning for those planning on coming to Portugal at the end of July and early August. The warning is specifically aimed at travellers planning to visit Lisbon.  It comes after Pope Francis announced his plans to visit the Portuguese capital for World Youth Day which sees…
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