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Italy’s New Digital Nomad Visa: What You Need To Know

In recent years, a global shift in work culture has resulted in a rise to a new generation of professionals known as digital nomads. They can use technology to work remotely, free of traditional office spaces and geographical boundaries. Recognising this growing trend and the economic opportunities it presents, an increasing number of countries are…
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EU Proposes Free Movement For Young UK Nationals Post-Brexit

The European Commission has proposed opening negotiations with the UK that would simplify studying and working in the EU for young individuals. It’s an exciting opportunity for young people to explore and grow professionally across borders even after Brexit. This would be a limited arrangement, not a restoration of the free movement of people. This…
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UK Starts Electronic Visa Rollout

Good news for UK visa holders! You can say goodbye to physical documents and hello to the future of UK digital visas. The UK government is launching a major digital immigration initiative to transition visa holders from physical documents to eVisas. The rollout of digital status is the next stage in the government’s plan to…
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British Tourists Beware: Canary Island Residents Fight Overtourism

With increasing tourist numbers in Spain, the issue of overtourism is once again rearing its head. Residents across the Canary Islands are ready to protest and strike against overtourism, which is endangering their quality of life.  Mass protests are planned for April 20, 2024 in five of the eight islands. Protest rallies will be held…
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Urgent Travel Warning Issued In 16 Countries

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCDO) has issued a new warning for travellers to the Middle East following escalated tensions in the region. In light of the recent drone attack on Israel by Iran, those planning to visit destinations including Morocco and the United Arab Emirates are strongly advised to check travel advice before their…
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Greece To Compensate Those Affected By Wildfires With Free Trips

After last summer’s devastating wildfires on the island of Rhodes , thousands of tourists were impacted by sudden evacuations from hotels.  The fires not only disrupted their vacations but also posed safety concerns and logistical challenges. These events created a significant setback for tourism on the islands, affecting both holidaymakers and local businesses. Now, Greek…
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