Tier 2 UK Priority Applications Visa

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If you are making an application to extend your stay in the UK under Tier 2 General, Minister of Religion, Sportsperson or Intra Company Transfer, or you are switching into one of these categories, you can request to be included in the priority service whereby you will get a decision on your application with 10 working days.

This form is only used once accepted for participation in the pilot.


When you have been notified of your acceptance into the pilot, you should apply as soon as possible and submit your application form(s) and supporting documents within 24 hours. Once you have submitted your application, the decision would be within 10 working days.

Along with your application, you will need to enrol your fingerprints and facial image in order to obtain a biometric residence permit.

Your enrol biometric information needs to be ready within 2 days of your biometric notification letter.

If you are making any applications for your family members – dependants – to stay in the UK at the same time as your own application you should to do all the applications together. The application for dependants will have the lower fee.

If a dependant's application is sent later than or separately from your application, it will be considered in its own right and will be subject to the full application fee.

Please, Download Guide to know the requirements and advantages of Tier 2 UK Priority Applications.

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