How To Apply For Your Parent Of A Tier 4 Child Student Visitor Visa

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Congratulations! your child is studying at a school in the UK. Want to accompany or join them? The Parent of a Tier 4 Child Visa allows you to join your young children, in the United Kingdom, that are attending a independent UK school on a Tier 4 (Child) visa.

This provides you with the opportunity to look your child while they are studying at a UK school. You cannot work or study while in the UK under this visaSo you must not intend to make the UK your main home and must also demonstrate that you have adequate and reliable funds for maintaining a second home for the duration of your stay in the UK.

How long you can get an entry clearance visa as a parent of a child at a school in the UK is for usually six or 12 months at a time. It can be extended whilst your child is at an independent fee paying school up to the age of 12 years.

You can apply for a Parent of a Child Visa if your Child is at School in the UK and:

  • your child attends an independent fee-paying day school in the UK;
  • you’re a national from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

Whether this is your first time applying or you have previously applied for one before iam’s experienced lawyers are here to ensure your application is straight forward and that your visa is granted.

If you have experienced a refusal of a visitor visa or in fact any visa, make sure to schedule a consultation with one of our specialist consultants in order to solve the problem and help you apply for a new visa with a guaranteed success.


If you are unsure whether the short-term parent of a Tier 4 child student visa is for you and don't want to waste time applying for the wrong visa, make sure to check out your eligibility for a Parent of a Tier 4 Child Student Visa.

Parent of a Tier 4 Child Student Visa

What you may or may not be able to do

You can:

  • extend your visa for a further period of up to 12 months at a time until your child reaches the age of 12. 

You can not:

  • study as a student yourself.
  • take on paid work.
  • obtain public funds.
  • switch to another visa category from within the UK.
  • bring other family members as dependants. They must make applications in their own right meeting one of the UK immigration routes.

Short Term Parent of a Tier 4 Child Student Visa

To what extent you can remain

You can stay in the UK for: 

  • either 6 or 1 year as part of your initial application. After that, you can get extensions for 12 months at a time until your child reaches 12 years of age.

You must make arrangements for your child's ongoing care if they are to continue their education in the UK past the age of 12. Remember that you cannot switch to another visa category in the UK. You will need to speak to our immigration advisors to discuss your other options.

How long it takes to get your UK visa:
  • You can apply for a visa up to 3 months before your date of travel to the UK. 
  • You should also get a result on your visa application within 3 weeks. 
Your application can take longer especially if your information and documents do not make it clear that you meet the requirements for this visa application.

Parent of a Tier 4 (Child) Student Visa Application