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Over 50% of visas are refused*

Governments, immigration officials, visa application centres, complicated rules and even getting appointments stand in your way of getting a visa or your citizenship application.

Complex immigration laws & hoops leading visa delays, lost appointments, rejections denials and facing uncertainty about your future and creating frustrations & confisions for 

Apply for a visa to travel to new experiences, connect with famiy, friends or business contacts. Extend your visa to thrive where you are. Or apply for citizenship or a passport.


Get the competive edge. Attract & retain staff across the world. Overcome immigration and travel visa requirements with ease to send or keep amazing staff.

Visa application processing should not be that complicated. It’s wrong to miss out on the opportunities that come with the freedom to travel & move where you choose.

Why risk getting your visa denied?


immigration law firm expertise to help overcome the challenges

We understand the struggles of getting and renewing a visa. It can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Our team has gone through the process ourselves and know how it feels. We answer the questions that cause anxiety in getting your visa and simplifying the process.

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Perfect! Thank you for all your patience, knowledge and assistance.

I am happy to have paid the “extra” fee and have your assistance, without which I would not have coped.

South Africa

Excellent service. I must say, they do what they say. I have a few days left to my travel due, and could not find any appointment.

Used their premium service and got the appointment the next day. And on top of it, they send a representative during the appointment to make the application process smoother and simple. Definitely recommend the service and use it in the future.


From the onset, I received super fast responses and support. Highly recommend. The process was a breeze with your help!



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popular applications

Depending on the time of the year, various visas types of visas become popular. Check out some of the current popular routes:

Europe & Schengen Visa

Visit the Louvre, have tapas in Spain, see the Northern Lights, relive history at the Coliseum and more with a Schengen visa or live, study or work in the EU!

Partners / Spouse Visa

Get a visa to be with your significant other or extend your current visa. For fiancé’s, spouses, partners or to bring your children.

Citizenship & Naturalisation

Apply for your right as a citizen and then get your hands on a coveted passport. 

Permanent Residency

Get the right to live in the country. After a period of more than 3, 5, 7, 10 or 20 years, you get the right.

Student Visas

Study abroad by getting a placement and a visa. Or renew your student status.

Work Permits

Apply to work in a different country or extend your work rights. Or as an employer, get the right to take on international staff.

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*visa application refusal rates vary and are dependant on the visa type & country. Check out our visa outcomes page for more info.