How To Apply For a British Passport

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To apply for a British Passport please complete the following form:

British Passport Application

Start Your British Passport Application

Are you sure that you and your child's British Passport applications are 100% correct, with no mistakes or missing information?

IAM's British Passport applications have been simplified with Her Majesty's Passport Office (HMPO). Do you want to save real time from having to run around getting your UK Passport issued on time, every time and save money?  

With IAM, not only do you have a money back guarantee. But also, if your passport application is rejected, then we'll return double the money paid.

To stop us both wasting time, we will confirm your rights to a UK passport, under British Nationality laws, before submission, or your money back. This tailored service goes beyond just a ‘passport check and send' service.

Whether you are in the UK, or any other country, the Passport application process can be completed to:

  • renew your passport, or
  • your new/first Passport, or
  • replace your lost Passport, or
  • make changes to your current passport, or even
  • obtain a second passport

Most people are unaware that you can obtain a second active passport for you to travel on at the same time. Why you may ask, will I need two of the same passport? We offer this as an option for those of you who travel regularly and need a second passport available for visas to other countries.

Processing Time

We can get your passport in 1 day or 1 week. Otherwise, it usually takes 6 weeks to get your first adult passport and three weeks for all other application types. For applications outside the UK, it can be significantly longer.

Passport Fees

  • £350.00, or
  • £450.00 for fast track or same day applications

Don't leave applying for a British Passport to chance. Simplify the process by starting your application online now.

Start your application by choosing an application type:

To apply for a British Passport please complete one or more of the following forms:

Adult British Passport Application

Adult British Passport Application

Child Passport Application (Under 16 Years Old)

Child British Passport Application

The online forms will walk you through the process of completing and providing all the info required for a successful passport application.