Holidaymakers Hit By 10-year British Passport Rule

Holidaymakers Hit By 10-year British Passport Rule

Thousands of people in the United Kingdom are at risk of falling victim to a ‘passport 10-year rule.

As British holidaymakers seek sunnier destinations, the 10-year British Passport Rule could suddenly stop tourists in their tracks.

Before the UK left the EU it was possible to travel in and out freely, these days however the UK is considered as a “third country” by the EU with tougher border rules for UK citizens.

New rules have been imposed on passport issue and expiry dates.

The BBC has just covered the stories of travellers left disappointed by their EU vacation plans being dashed because of this regulation, which led to them being denied boarding and turned away by passport control.

Can you still travel with your passport?

Travellers are highly encouraged to check their passport issue and expiry date before booking their trip.

Passports are now a deep blue in colour and the newest ones are the King Charles III passports following his coronation.

If your passport is the old burgundy colour and has been in use for over ten years, regardless of the remaining validity period, it is considered invalid for travel to all EU countries except for Ireland, as well as Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

If you’re going on holiday and are worried that your burgundy passport isn’t accepted anymore, there’s no need to worry.

Burgundy passports are still allowed to be used if they are still valid for travel so you’ll need to check the expiry date and the rules regarding how much time you should have left on your passport to travel to your chosen destination.

Additional Passport Checks Before Your Journey

Holidaymakers are recommended to do these checks to avoid any passport-related headaches.

Check for passport damages

Over time, passports are prone to wear and tear from frequent handling, transportation in bags, and scrutiny by airport personnel.

While minor wear such as bending is usually inconsequential, significant damage, particularly to the cover or pages containing personal information and photos, could present complications.

To prevent issues, safeguard your passport from damage by storing it in a secure, dry, and protective holder or wallet.

Unfortunately, there's no repair service for damaged passports. The only solution is to replace it.

Check for blank pages 

If your passport is running out of space due to stamps and there's limited room left, it's necessary to renew it, regardless of the remaining validity period. 

This is because certain countries have strict requirements concerning passports with filled pages. Some require a full blank page and some require at least 2 blank pages.

Renew/Replace Passport

For passports with less than 10 months of validity remaining, or those that are damaged or running out of pages, we advise immediate application for a new passport.

Choosing online passport renewal over the traditional postal method is a convenient way to save money.

At present, the fee for a standard online application within the UK is £82.50 for adults and £53.50 for children. In contrast, postal applications cost £93 for adults and £64 for children. Typically, selecting the online renewal option could save a family of four £40.

However, upcoming changes in April will result in increased costs.

Please note that these price adjustments are subject to parliamentary approval. If approved, they will take effect from April 11.

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