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Multiple EU Countries Stopped Issuing Schengen Visa To Russians

Even though the European Union Commission adopted a decision to fully suspend the visa facilitation agreement with Russia, several EU countries decided to take further measures and stop issuing visas for citizens of Russia. The list of the EU countries that have banned Russians and have decided not to issue Schengen visas for them includes…
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EU Adopts Full Suspension of Visa Facilitation Agreement With Russia

The Council of the European Union  has adopted a decision that fully suspends the visa facilitation agreement between the European Union and Russia. As a result, the general rules of the visa code will now apply to all citizens of Russia. The new rules for Russian citizens will take effect on 12 September 2022.  Commenting…
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EU To Suspend Visa Agreement With Russia But Will Not Ban Russians

European Union (EU) countries have reached a political agreement to suspend a visa facilitation agreement with Russia, making it more difficult and expensive for Russian tourists to get visas.  However, this move falls far short of the blanket ban some EU leaders are demanding. EU foreign ministers have agreed to suspend a 2007 visa facilitation…
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EU May Ban Russian Nationals In The EU And Schengen Area

As calls grow louder in the European Union (EU) for a ban on Schengen visas for Russians, the EU countries are split over whether to ban Russian tourists from visiting the bloc. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, first called for the travel ban in an August 8 interview with the Washington Post newspaper, arguing that Russians…
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EU Passenger Rights: Delayed or Cancelled Flights

Strikes, staff shortages and an excess of travellers after the COVID-19 pandemic are just some of the reasons behind the chaos in many European airports during the summer holidays. As people are travelling again, visiting friends and family and taking the holidays that were postponed several times, they have had to face long queues, delays,…
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