I know IAM has the capacity to handle immigration cases very well and has well-trained staffs that deal with customers. “ – Virgilio Cordez Jr

Mr Virgilio Cordez Jr. (Junior) was under Tier 4 visa, he sought IAM’s expertise for his British spouse visa application. One of his friends mentioned IAM to him, and to know more about us and the services we are catering Junior searched our company in google.  At IAM web page (www.immigrationandmigration.com) he completed the online assessment form,  these form composed of few basic questions to enable us to get an overview of our client’s concerns. As a response to his submitted form, I called Junior to ask about his queries and availability to book him a consultation.  IAM clients who booked for legal consultations will be dealt with by paralegal team member, this could be conducted online or in person. he opted to be booked for our FREE consultation (15 minutes).

Junior, his wife and mother-in-law came for his consultation.  When I attended to them, Junior told me that he has some confusions in choosing the right form for his application and would like to know as well the up to date procedures and documents required for applying.

Our FREE 15 minutes consultation gave him the chance to be assessed by one of our immigration advisers, where he was able to ask questions  that help him to clear any confusions has in mind.  At the end of the consultation, Junior able to decide.  He proceeded in applying for a Spouse Visa, he instructed IAM to assist and represent him on his visa application.

With the right advice, proper guidance and coordination, we were both pleased with the quick completion of his application and it didn’t take long for him to successfully obtain a spouse visa.

Melissa Palmero

#Naturalisation #BritishCitizenship

Melissa Palmero applied for Naturalisation.

You can read more about British privilege and Naturalisation here.

Congratulations from iam team!

Tricia Smith

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Indefinite Leave to Remain Testimonial: Mrs Tricia Smith

Mrs Smith previously applied for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain), also known as Permanent Residency, with another firm. It took a year and no application was submitted. Not to mention the fees and time wasted.

Tricia felt desperate because her case was pending for quite a long time with her other immigration advisors and asked for our assistance. She initially booked a free immigration consultation with IAM’s legal team and we made sure that her application met all the requirements for permanent residency and was promptly submitted.

Our team of top immigration lawyers worked closely with Mrs Smith to ensure that all her immigration visa application for ILR was properly prepared to be submitted to UK Visas & Immigration. We assisted her with preparation for her Knowledge and Life in the UK test by her using our free online life in the UK test on our website. She passed our online test and was, therefore, sure to pass the test itself.

She also successfully booked and passed her English Language test with our assistance. After reviewing her documents (following getting a documents request list from us) and working with her to get better forms of documentary evidence we had asked for, we were certain that we could submit a successful UK Immigration Application.

Our team of immigration lawyers are proud and happy to announce that Tricia’s permanent residency visa was approved successfully.

You can read more about ILR and book your consultation with our top immigration lawyers.


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