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Service Application Preparation

Have one of our advisors ensure that your application is successful, smooth, painless, timely and not costly.

Whether you opt for a consultation or not, this service allows us to identify the correct application required and submit a successful application on your behalf.

Whilst your application is under process, we provide you with:

  • letters and documents to evidence the processing and submission of your application;
  • periodic updates until successful completion;
  • a confirmation your application has been submitted;
  • online application casework portal.

We will provide you with a full documents list that is used as evidence to prove that you individually meet the requirements of the immigration rules.

We then work with you to obtain those documents and provide support in getting those documents.

Whilst we await those documents, we prepare your application to a point that we are always awaiting any action from you or third parties as well as being proactive in getting what we want from whichever party.

Book an immigration consultation, which is deductible from your application processing fees shall you decide to move forward with your application.

Application Preparation  Service:
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