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Visiting Nigeria? Obtaining a visa to another country involves queuing outside the diplomatic post (or embassy) of the country for which a visa is required. This is followed by more waiting to submit the application and then waiting for a final decision. iam can submit your application for you. You don't need to miss a day at work .

We save you from endless time waiting, and thus help you avoiding the cost of paying the wages for your employee, who can stay and work in the office instead. We also provide information to make decisions for you client, your organisation or your staff.

Be aware that, applications submitted after 12.30pm willl be treated as next day applications.

Visa Requirements Checklists, it is very important you have all documents ready and with you because the lacking of docs will create delays in your submission. All documents must be provided or your application will not be accepted.

Before applying for your visa, there is a list of mandatory documents that you will need to have with you when you attend your appointment at OIS. You will be required to present each of these documents with your completed visa application form.

Nigeria visas:

  • Subject To Regularisation (STR) Visa;
  • Temporary Work Permit (TWP);
  • Journalist Visa;
  • Visitor Visa;
  • Tourist Visa;
  • Business Visa;
  • Vehicle;
  • Transit Visa;
  • Nigerian’s Spouse Visa;
  • Minor Tourist;
  • STR Minor;
  • Minor Visitor.

IaM offers as well Standard (3-5 working days) and Premium (next day) service for Nigerian visas.

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