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Visas, Immigration & Nationality

Russia offers a wide range of opportunities for studying, splendid sightseeing and business trips.

Visas are not issued at the border so you are advised to apply in advance without an appointment in London or in Edinburgh. The Embassy of the Russian Federation has outsourced its Visa Application Processing to M/S VF Services (UK) Ltd.

There are many types of visas and knowing which one you need is essential:

  1. Tourist Visa – a single or double entry visa can be valid for up to 30 days.
  2. Special Purpose Tourist Visa – the same as 1, but for attending different events organised in Russia.
  3. Business Visa – for business meetings in Russia up to 90 days (a single or double entry) OR up to 1 year (multiple entries).
  4. Business Visa for HSM (Highly Skilled Migrants) – granted on the basis of an invitation to enter the Russian Federation by an employer or a sponsor.
  5. Transit visa – for transit purposes only, normally valid for a maximum of 3 days if travelling by air and 10 days if travelling by train. Not required if you remain in the SAME transit zone of the airport in order to catch another flight within 24 hours of arrival.
  6. Private Visa – for private visits of family or friends up to 90 days, a maximum of two entries.
  7. Family Members of Russian Citizens – up to 90 days, a maximum of two entries. Applications are accepted from citizens of the Russian Federation lawfully staying in UK, to issue visas for members of their families who are foreign nationals (spouses, children under the age of 18, incapacitated children of any age) to enable them to enter the territory of the Russian Federation accompanied by the citizen of the Russian Federation, who signed the visa request form.
  8. Humanitarian Visa – for cultural, science, sports and religious purposes up to 90 days (a single or double entry) OR up to 1 year (multiple entries).
  9. Student Visa –  issued to students for the duration of their courses.
  10. Work Visa – for permanent employees in Russia, can be valid for up to 90 days (a single or double entry) OR up to 3 years (multiple entries).

Dates of validity of the visa will correspond with the dates of your legal invitation issued by a Russian Federal Migration Service agency, your employer or event organisers. The fees are not refundable and consist of a visa fee to the Russian Consulate and a service charge to the Visa Application Centre paid by cash or Credit/Debit card (except American Express). The optional DX Secure postal service facility for the return of processed applications is available at a fee of £9.80 per application.

Visa Charges:

Service Visa Fee VFS Global Service Fee
Standard (5 working days) single entry £50
Standard (5 working days) double entry £65
Urgent applications (next working day) single entry £100
Urgent applications (next working day) double entry £130

At IAM we will help you to choose the right visa category, fill an online Application Form, prepare your documents successfully and track your application status.

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