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Who are you?

So you’ve been working in immigration law for a few years. You are known by others as the go-to person to resolve a UK immigration matter and are not phased by casework and research and relish the chance to give not just ordinary immigration advice.

You think outside the box regularly but are not paralysed by analysis.

You are organised, able to research and quickly find answers to questions you don’t know off the top of your head and don’t tire until you have the answers.

You’re so organised that you’ve been handling a large amount of applications at the same time. And in that respect, you take no prisoners to make sure things run like clockwork.

If this is you, then we are looking for a UK immigration advisor that is able to handle all aspects of immigration casework up to Level 2 OISC/LSC.

You need to make sure that our clients are provided quality immigration advice that ensures that they meet their objectives and help them to realise their global ambitions.

Our immigration advisors are pivotal to our service delivery.

The position is a full time from 09:00-18:00 and requires you to come into the office in London’s Canary Wharf area.

You will handle everything that is within the scope of the OISC’s level 2 scheme and provide immigration advice and assistance on a broad range of visa, immigration and citizenship law both for the UK and Europe.

You’re the person that actually makes sure that clients get their visas and other travel documents in time.

The position has high expectations of you. But if you’re the person we’re looking for, you’re the type who gets motivated by high expectations.

What will you be doing?

Casework, casework, casework. Advice, advice, advice… and more.

We need you to handle all aspects of UK and EU applications. That means taking instructions from clients, doing the obligatory initial instructions paperwork and then preparing the application for submission to the relevant government department.

You will be expected to keep all applications, files and admin in order, clean and organised.

What else? You will be expected to ensure that applicants’ applications are anticipated to make sure that they are successful. Hence why we keep banging on about being ahead of curve.

You need to answer some hard questions when they arrive so research will be part of your daily grind.

You will, therefore, be expected to keep up with learning and not just CPD, but also personal and other professional training.

But what’s the point in accumulating all that knowledge... just to keep it to yourself? Of course, you will also be expected to lead some of our online content creation and draft articles for research and promotion.

What have you done?

In your recent past life, you will have been working in a law firm handling immigration applications, and/or also having worked in a visa application firm, or even at the very least worked in a solicitors firm or chambers with a focus on immigration.

You will have handled a varied and constantly consistent caseload dealing with various applications from entry clearance and extensions through to nationality and citizenship.

It’s a must that you have also been exposed to EU applications both in the UK and also to the Schengen States.

Exposure to a high number of applications from South Korea, Japan, China, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, Russia, the EU, Canada & US is a must.

As part of your normal work routine, you will have also been very aware of the importance of marketing and client relationship handling. To an extent that you were considerate and proactive about marketing your services, responding to clients and ensuring that they had an experience that exceeded their expectations.

In your past life, you will have made suggestions as to operations and casework that has meant that changes have been made to processes, staff or preparing applications by the organisation.

This includes having and building great relationships with all parties involved in the business, from clients, team members, regulators and other interested third parties including the government.

Putting all that together, you will also have been expected to work on your initiative and be a point of contact for other members of staff needing answers about your areas of expertise. You will have been an important point of contact for getting answers for clients, for team members and also for operational purposes.

With all that responsibility, you would have been making sure that all matters that you were dealing with were not only met on time but that you were always ahead of curve and anticipated what’s next.

Is this position for you?

Are you registered at OISC level 2 or above or hold a similar qualification?

Do you like being rewarded for being great at your job? Are you ambitious and target driven? At the same time, do you aim for success and plan in order to drive targets and meet your goals?

Want to know exactly where we stand and where we are going on our journey of making the world accessible for ambitious travellers over the next 12 months, 3 and 6 years?

Want to be part of a fast growing and ambitious organisation that wants to change the travel, immigration, visas and nationality landscape for the benefit of your ambitious clients?

Do you want to know exactly what are the opportunities for you in a fast growing organisation?

Like the idea of being part of a family that aims to do good, improve themselves and enrich people’s lives?

Do you like the idea of being a step ahead of the situation and have taken care of all the issues arising?

What about the opportunity for continuous self improvement and continuous professional development?

The other usual person specs apply to you:

  • You work well as part of a team and also work well by yourself and leading..
  • Responsible, highly organised and effective.
  • Have an eye for tiny details.
  • Can handle multiple projects at once.
  • Works well under pressure and with high expectations.
  • Great problem solver.

If you answered any of these questions with a YES, then this position is for you.

Why should you be interested?

Other than the above, why shouldn’t you? But just in case you didn’t know, you will be:

Getting to ensure that success is inevitable and you will be constantly experimenting, improving on the business, our processes and yourself.

Constantly be involved in launching new projects, services and improvements.

Working with some awesome people that make things happen.

Help to grow a small organisation to a multiple seven figure business.

Why is this position so important?

You will truly be the centre of what we do. Our immigration advisors are so pivotal to what we do. You will need to embody what we do and what we stand for and take full responsibility for this role.

Our organisation will depend on your ability and competence to make sure that we fulfill our obligations and that we help people to achieve their aims.

What we do is to help the globally ambitious to achieve their goals. In doing so, you will be making sure that we overcome and flatten the rules, barriers and walls to travel and ensuring that we help our clients and society in general. The role of immigration advisor is pivotal to achieving this goal. Our services are therefore only as good as you are.

We help the globally ambitious travellers traverse and overcome barriers to travel and we are good at what we do. We do that by being ahead of curve and ensuring that we provide great advice for the good of our clients and not being afraid to pursue truth and honesty in order to find innovations.

It just happens that Immigration, visas & nationality is what we do and we do that well.

Is it what you do well? Does this role embody you? Then we want to know more about you.

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