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Discovering Croatia: How to Apply for a Croatia Schengen Visa in the UK

Croatia boasts one of the most picturesque coastlines in Europe, with its breathtaking beaches along the Adriatic Sea attracting swimmers, sun seekers, and sailors alike.  The crystal-clear waters and pristine shores are perfect for relaxing under the sun, while the countless inlets and over 1,000 islands offer endless exploration opportunities.  From the charming, historic coastal…
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UK Conservatives Propose Annual Cap on Foreign Worker Visas

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced a plan to implement an annual cap on immigration visas, aiming to reduce the number of foreign workers and their dependents entering the United Kingdom. Sunak revealed the proposal as part of a strategy to appeal to core voters who are concerned about the surge in net migration,…
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UK Government Keeps Graduate Visas But With Conditions

The government has decided to keep the graduate route visa for now, but it remains “under review” as part of efforts to prevent misuse by international students. There were worries that the government might tighten or even abolish this visa to reduce net migration. However, on May 23, the Home Office and Department for Education…
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Venice Implements Stricter Regulations on Large Tourist Groups

Venice, renowned for its stunning canals and rich history, has introduced new laws aimed at curbing the influx of large tourist groups.  These regulations, which took effect last weekend, are part of the city’s ongoing efforts to manage the overwhelming number of visitors that threaten its delicate ecosystem and cultural heritage. Earlier this year, Venetian…
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EU Entry/Exit System To Cause Delay At UK Border

The European Union (EU) has long been planning to introduce new and updated requirements for non-EU nationals to provide fingerprints and digitalised travel authorization to enter member states.  Despite several delays and setbacks, the system is set to go live in autumn 2024. Preparations are underway at major Channel crossing points for the new automated…
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