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Brexit: Visa-Free Travel for Artists Saga Continues

In recent months, the British government has come under heavy fire from high-profile artists and prominent producers across the music industry.  Without an agreement allowing performers to tour visa-free in the EU, live performances will be a “struggle” even for established UK bands. When the UK was part of the EU, entering Europe was straightforward.…
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Brexit: Debunking Myths About the Rights of British Nationals in France

Leaving the EU has left a lot of confusion on what needs to be done to retain the rights of British nationals in the EU after it was finalised on 1 January 2021. The post-Brexit situation for British nationals living in or visiting France is complicated, and not helped by a series of persistent rumours, misconceptions,…
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Brexit: UK Architects No Longer Recognized in EU Countries

Following the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU, the UK services profession from IT, architecture and the arts, health services, education, lawyers and financial services were left with an array of visa and work permit restrictions.  Before Brexit, the UK firms were among the world’s most prominent service exporters. According to a research organisation, UK’s…
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What is the Schengen Agreement?

History and Development of the Schengen Agreement On 14 June 1985, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands signed the Schengen Agreement on the gradual abolition of checks at their common borders in the small town of Schengen in Luxembourg, on the border to France and the Netherlands. The agreement has since then led to…
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Brexit: British Nationals Refused Entry in Spain

A group of British nationals who arrived in Spain without the needed documentation were sent back to the United Kingdom as they failed to present proof of residency. Based on Spain’s local media reports, the travellers claimed that they had not been informed regarding the requirement of residency proof applied at airports. British nationals not…
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