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UK Holidaymakers: What You Need To Know When Travelling To Spain in 2022

As there are fewer Covid-19 restrictions in both the United Kingdom (UK) and Spain, British holidaymakers who were restricted to travel at the height of the pandemic are back visiting Spain. When the UK officially exited the European Union (EU), it lost certain privileges, such as unlimited travel through the EU and this may come…
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Contactless Digital Border: Electronic Travel Authorisation to Enter the UK

The British government reveals its plan to implement the Electronic Travel Authorisation scheme, which obliges visitors to apply for permission to visit the country, including EU tourists. The new scheme intends to establish a ‘contactless’ border crossing from 2024, meaning that some passengers will be able to enter the country exempted from using an electronic…
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ETIAS: EU Will Start Charging Visitors To Enter in 2023

The EU has announced the launch of its long-awaited visa waiver scheme, ETIAS, on May 2023. ETIAS had previously been slated for a late 2022 debut. From May 2023, travellers from non-EU countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK will need a valid ETIAS to enter 30 countries in the Schengen…
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Brexit Blamed For Decline In Numbers of EU students at Oxford

Oxford University has blamed Brexit for the sharp decline in the number of students from the European Union. Brexit has caused a “steep decline” in the number of students from the European Union going to study at Oxford University, the annual admissions report has shown. The university’s annual report found the number admitted from the…
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EU Plans Simplify Non-EU Long-Term Residence Rules

The European Commission proposed to simplify residence rules for non-EU nationals who live on a long-term basis in the European Union. The intention is to ease procedures in three areas: acquiring EU long-term residence status, moving to other EU countries and improving the rights of family members.  At present, becoming a long-term resident requires the…
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