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EU Enlargement: Will The EU Welcome New Members?

The European Union’s Commission recently greenlit the 2023 Enlargement Package, offering a comprehensive evaluation of the advancements made by Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ukraine. Recommendations have been put forth for each country’s progression towards EU membership. The Commission has recommended granting Georgia the status of a candidate country, marking a significant step in its…
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Spain Aims to Overturn 90-Day Rule for British Tourists

Since the UK’s departure from the European Union, the seamless travel, work, and residency opportunities that British citizens enjoyed within the EU have ceased. Despite Brexit, British holidaymakers remain a significant market for Spain’s tourism industry. The Schengen Area regulations dictate that third-country citizens, including non-EU nationals entering the territory visa-free, are permitted a maximum…
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European Council Approves Online Schengen Visa Application Process

In a pivotal stride toward modernising travel protocols, the Council of the European Union has approved the digitalisation of the Schengen visa application process, marking a significant shift in travel convenience. Recent deliberations among EU foreign ministers have resulted in the green signal for digitising Schengen visa applications. This transformative online platform is poised to…
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France Announces Widespread Flight Cancellations During System Upgrade in 2024

In a bid to modernise its outdated air traffic control infrastructure, France has announced widespread flight cancellations. Thousands of flights will likely be cancelled while French air traffic control updates its ‘antiquated’ computer systems. The cancellations will take place between 09 January and 14 February.  The ambitious upgrade targets the replacement of the existing ‘antiquated’…
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French Senate Approves Easier Travel for British Second-Home Owners

On November 8, the French Senate took a significant step towards facilitating travel for British second-home owners who, post-Brexit, have faced a 90-day restriction on visa-free travel to France. The Senate’s decision involves the adoption of an amendment to the proposed new Immigration Law, specifically aimed at simplifying entry conditions for British citizens who own…
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