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US Passport Processing Gets a Boost: Reduced Waiting Times

US Passport processing times have been reduced for the second time since early October, according to the US State Department. The passport processing times are now down to 7 to 10 weeks. That’s down from eight to 11 weeks in early October. Expedited service will take between three and five weeks, dropping from five to…
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Caution Advised for British Visitors to Paris as Threat at ‘Highest Level’

France is a beautiful country that is easily accessible from the United Kingdom. However, before going on your journey, it is critical to be aware of any potential health and safety issues. France has recently elevated its national terrorist threat level to the highest category. This decision has prompted heightened security measures throughout the country,…
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Israelis Can Now Apply for ESTA Under the Visa Waiver Program

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that Israeli passport holders will be able to apply for the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) starting October 19, 2023. On September 27, 2023, the United States welcomed Israel to its Visa Waiver Programme. The original effective date for Israelis’ eligibility for ESTA was November 30,…
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UK Passport Applicants To Be Asked to Sign up to NHS Organ Donor Register

The British government is introducing a significant change to passport applications, making it easier for people to register as organ donors when renewing their passports.  Starting next year, applicants will have the option to sign up for the NHS Organ Donor Register. The NHS Blood and Transplant and the Department of Health and Social Care…
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Police Plans To Use The UK Passport Database to Combat Crimes

The UK’s passport database could be used to swiftly help catch criminals. Policing Minister Chris Philp stated he wants to integrate data from the police national database (PND), the Passport Office and other national databases. Forces will then be able to find a match “at the click of a button” by comparing those facial images…
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