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Eurostar Announced December Strike

Christmas is around the corner and people are expected to travel. However, a wave of strikes set to hit the UK’s rail network is threatening to disrupt Christmas travel plans. Security staff at international rail service Eurostar will strike for four days in the run-up to Christmas due to a pay dispute, a British union…
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UK Planning To Limit International Students To Reduce Immigration

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is considering putting up barriers for international students bringing dependents and studying “low-quality degrees” in a bid to reduce net migration. According to reports, the idea has been introduced as part of efforts to keep the migration situation under control, after recent official statistics showed that net migration to the…
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UK Airports Could Scrap 100ml Liquid Hand Luggage rule by 2024

The introduction of 3D scanners at airports could mean passengers no longer have to remove liquids from hand luggage. The UK government is considering installing hi-tech scanners in airports around the country by mid-2024. The policy is still under review and a formal announcement is expected in the coming weeks before 25 December. If the…
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UK-India Young Professionals Scheme: 3,000 Visas Per Year

The UK government has approved 3,000 visas for young Indian professionals to work in the UK every year. Under the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme, the UK will offer 3,000 places to 18-30-year-old degree-holder Indian nationals to come to the UK to live and work for two years.  The UK Prime Minister’s Office tweeted, “Today the…
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A Third of Hong Kongers Seeking UK Visas Were Below 18

About 38,000 citizens of Hong Kong under the age of 18 have filed an application for the UK’s British National (Overseas) visa scheme, however, the majority of requests are from residents in their prime working years. According to the figures published by Bloomberg, of the total of 142,000 citizens of Hong Kong who applied for…
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