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UK Airports Reinstate 100ml Liquid Rule Amid Summer Travel Rush

In a surprising turn of events, the UK government has announced a sudden reversal on airport liquid restrictions just weeks before the busy summer travel season. This new rule impacts all passengers flying from UK airports, who will now need to limit liquids, pastes, and gels in their hand luggage to just 100ml until further…
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Canada Offers Immediate Permanent Residency for Caregivers

Canada is taking significant steps to simplify the process for caregivers to come to the country and secure permanent residency upon arrival. The federal government introduced two new pilot programs on June 03, 2024, designed to grant eligible caregivers permanent residency upon their arrival.  According to the government, eligible caregivers will be able to work…
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UK Conservatives Propose Annual Cap on Foreign Worker Visas

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced a plan to implement an annual cap on immigration visas, aiming to reduce the number of foreign workers and their dependents entering the United Kingdom. Sunak revealed the proposal as part of a strategy to appeal to core voters who are concerned about the surge in net migration,…
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UK Government Keeps Graduate Visas But With Conditions

The government has decided to keep the graduate route visa for now, but it remains “under review” as part of efforts to prevent misuse by international students. There were worries that the government might tighten or even abolish this visa to reduce net migration. However, on May 23, the Home Office and Department for Education…
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UK Extends Seasonal Worker Visa Route

The UK Government will extend the seasonal worker visa route for five years until 2029 in response to the labour shortages in the food supply chain. The announcement from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) comes in response to the findings of an independent review commissioned by John Shropshire, chair of the…
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