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Visas, Immigration & Nationality

Shift in European Travel Trends: Climate Change Role in Reshaping European Travel Patterns

With temperatures in Europe at an all-time high this summer, travel preferences are predicted to transform in the coming years. Experts estimate that July will become a less popular month for vacationing in Europe, with April emerging as the best time to travel. In late July, the European Commission adopted a new set of guiding…
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Netherlands Temporary Residence: Managing Your Time Away From The Netherlands Post-Brexit

Embracing life with a Dutch residence permit opens doors to exploration to other Schengen states, but it comes with its own set of guidelines. A misstep could jeopardise your coveted residency status. Having a residence permit in the Netherlands, you have the right to leave the country, but only for certain periods. Violation of this…
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Rhodes Greece: Free Getaways for Those Affected by Wildfires

Greece is offering free trips to tourists whose vacations have been cut short due to wildfires. The ‘state of emergency’ issued by Greek authorities in Rhodes on July 26th due to wildfires has officially been lifted. The Greek government is now working with tourism bodies and local authorities on a wider plan to restore travel…
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New Rules for Australia-UK Working Holiday Visa

Living and working in a foreign country fosters personal growth like nothing else.  If you want to have thrilling adventures and cultural experiences while funding your trip, a Working Holiday visa is your golden ticket. It allows you a remarkable chance to finance your travels while experiencing the country’s vibrant culture and stunning natural beauty.…
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Indonesia To Launch Golden Visa Program

In a world where borders are fading away and global mobility becomes a key factor in modern life, countries around the world have recognised the potential of attracting foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and high net-worth individuals through their residency-by-investment programs, popularly known as the Golden Visa Program. Foreign citizens who seek to get residency in Indonesia…
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