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Finland Simplifies Student Residency Applications With Automation

Finland, known for its high-quality education system and vibrant student life, has become an increasingly attractive destination for international students. In a move to accelerate and standardise the processing of student residence permits, the Finnish Immigration Service initiated a pilot program on 19 October 2023 to automatically issue positive decisions on student residence permit applications …
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Temporary Border Controls in the Schengen Zone

The Schengen Agreement is predicated on the fundamental principle of allowing the freedom of movement for its citizens within the Schengen Zone meaning no controls at the group’s internal borders. However, there are clauses in the treaty that provide for the temporary reinstatement of border controls, primarily when there is a threat to public order…
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Austria and the Netherlands Still Against Bulgaria and Romania’s Schengen Membership

Bulgaria and Romania are intensifying their diplomatic efforts to secure entry into the European Union’s Schengen Area by year-end. However, Austrian and Dutch misgivings are likely to continue delaying their entry, as well as the economic benefits that come with it. Austria and the Netherlands currently stand in the way of Bulgaria’s Schengen accession, citing…
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UK Launches Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) System for Qatari Travellers

The UK government has committed to completing the digitisation of its borders by 2025. The UK has launched the ETA system, an electronic travel authorisation system meant to ease the admission process for visa-free travellers from diverse countries. The implementation of this system will take place in stages, with different nationalities targeted. The system is…
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New Timeline For Rollout of EES and ETIAS

A new timeline for the EU’s post-Brexit Entry/Exit System (EES) has officially been confirmed by EU ministers. EU home affairs ministers endorsed the revised dates for the new EU border systems’ implementation, which will affect many non-EU citizens entering the Schengen area in the future. The decision concerns the Entry/Exit System (EES), which will record…
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