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Schengen Visa For Russians: Where To Submit Your Application

Following the termination of the EU-Russia visa facilitation agreement, European consulates stopped issuing Schengen visas for more than one year to Russian citizens and most visas are issued for just the trip period unlike before. The EU Council terminated the EU-Russia visa facilitation agreement in September 2022. As a result, it now takes longer to…
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US To Eliminate Passport Entry Date Stamps

In an effort to digitise and streamline the entry process for travellers, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has begun to eliminate the issuance of entry stamps in the passports of foreign nationals upon arrival in the United States. The record being eliminated is the ink stamp and not the “visa stamp” that a US…
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EU Entry/Exit System: UK To Work With France On Border Control

The United Kingdom and France confirmed their commitment to work together on the implementation of the new EU biometric entry system. The new Entry/Exit System (EES) is a new automated system that is expected to launch later this year. The system is expected to keep track of third-country travellers, including British nationals, who enter the…
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Digital Nomad Guide in Lithuania

Lithuania is quickly becoming an ideal destination for digital nomads. Lithuania is not widely known to many but it does not mean that this picturesque Baltic state is less modern compared to its European neighbours. Lithuania is known for its internet quality as it is ranked among the fastest in the world. It takes fourth…
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The UK Wrongly Issued Post-Brexit Benefits To EU Citizens

It is being claimed that as many as 141,000 EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit may have received considerable amount of money they were not entitled to due to an error made by British civil servants. The error affects people who applied for EU settled status, but were not granted it, and covers…
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