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UK To Ban International Students From Bringing Family Over

The United Kingdom is preparing to announce new measures preventing international students from bringing family dependents into the country. According to reports, the Department of Education, the Home Office, and the Treasury are set to finalise plans that prevent master’s students on one-year courses from bringing family members to the UK with them.  UK net…
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Schengen Area’s 90-Day Rule: Countries That Enforce the Limit and Refused Entry

In 2022, a significant number of non-EU citizens were denied entry into the European Union (EU) for various reasons, including exceeding the 90-day limit imposed by the Schengen Area.  This article explores the countries that reported the highest number of refusals due to the 90-day rule and sheds light on other reasons for entry denial.…
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Australia Raising Working Holiday Visa Age Limit for British Citizens

Australia is raising its working holiday visa age for British citizens. Australia has decided to facilitate their rules on working holiday visas by increasing the holiday visa age limit from 30 to 35 which will come into force on 31 May. At present, applicants must be 30 or younger, but with the new rules set…
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Switzerland Opens Its Doors: Visa-Free Travel Granted to Kosovars from 2024

Switzerland has made a significant announcement that will undoubtedly bring joy to many citizens of Kosovo.  Starting in 2024, Switzerland will grant visa-free travel to Kosovars, allowing them to enter the country without the need for a visa.  In April, the EU Council passed a regulation that Kosovo has met the visa waiver requirements that…
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Unused Schengen Visas No Longer Valid for Entry To Bulgaria

In a move aimed at bolstering its immigration control measures, Bulgaria has recently implemented a more stringent visa policy and affects visitors with a Schengen visa. Under Bulgarian visa policy, foreign nationals who hold a valid Schengen visa do not need a Bulgarian tourist visa to visit the country. But this has changed since 25…
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