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Spain offers free insurance to the Canary Islands to lure tourists as most European countries impose travel restrictions

The Canary Islands are offering tourists free insurance covering coronavirus-related incidents in an attempt to encourage visitors. Spain’s local government on the Canary Islands has signed an insurance deal to ensure that travellers will have their expenses paid if they contract the Coronavirus during a vacation. The authorities will cover domestic and foreign travellers provided…
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Post Study Work Visa: A Post Study Guide to Staying in Italy

Italy’s ancient arts, popular destinations and splendid cuisine continue to draw visitors as they have done for centuries. It’s not surprising that many international students feel at home in Italy. The country is also home to some of the most prestigious and oldest universities. Students whose interest lean towards arts, architecture or world history find…
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Coronavirus Outbreaks in Local Regions of Europe Is Europe About to See Its Second Wave

Coronavirus Outbreaks in Local Regions of Europe: Is Europe About to See Its Second Wave?

As Germany sees a second wave of coronavirus outbreaks, and Spain fights a spike in coronavirus cases, other European countries are grappling with containing the resurgence of coronavirus in Europe.  Austria battles a local outbreak as Italy sets €1,000 face-mask fine and France introduces mandatory face masks and COVID-19 tests for returning travellers. Austria A…
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US Travel Ban: US Embassies Outline Who Can Travel from List of Banned Countries

U.S. Embassies and Consulates in the Schengen Area Expand the National Interest Exemption Beginning on July 15 The US Department of State announced the phased opening of embassies and consulates to begin the processing of visa applications. The question then arises: who is permitted to travel to the USA? Following the Trump presidential proclamation of…
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Italy bans entry to arrivals from 13 'at risk' countries

Italy bans entry to arrivals from 13 ‘at risk’ countries

Italy has banned entry into its territory to arrivals from 13 countries considered high risk amid fears of a second wave of coronavirus. It means that travellers that have stayed or transited through any of these 13 countries in the last 14 days will now be denied entry into Italy. Additionally, Italian residents returning from…
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