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How to Get a Post Study Work Visa Sweden: Post Study Work Options

Sweden is a global leader in innovation and research which attracts students all over the world. Spotify and Skype are just two of the leading products by Swedish innovation. As the country is known for worker’s rights and family-focused migration regulations, most of the international students decide to stay and work in the country after…
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Sweden Herd Immunity Has Sweden’s coronavirus strategy worked

Sweden Herd Immunity: Has Sweden’s coronavirus strategy worked?

Sweden has stood out as it has taken a different approach to the Coronavirus pandemic. It, like the UK, used a herd immunity approach to the virus. But unlike the UK, which dropped its herd immunity approach months later, Sweden continued its approach.  This approach to the COVID-19 pandemic was the direct opposite to its…
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US Travel Ban: US Embassies Outline Who Can Travel from List of Banned Countries

U.S. Embassies and Consulates in the Schengen Area Expand the National Interest Exemption Beginning on July 15 The US Department of State announced the phased opening of embassies and consulates to begin the processing of visa applications. The question then arises: who is permitted to travel to the USA? Following the Trump presidential proclamation of…
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How to Bypass the Europe Travel Ban

News released and causing a twitter storm is that the father of the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, travelled to Greece despite strict Foreign Office advice against all but essential international travel. Greece has extended its ban on flights arriving from the UK until the middle of July. But the prime minister’s father has managed…
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how to read your schengen visa vignette

How to Read Your Schengen Visa Sticker and Get the Best Use of It

As Schengen states reopen their internal borders, the question many travelers are asking is “Is your current Schengen Visa still valid?”.  It is not always possible to extend a visa. Not even if, due to circumstances, the visa expired unused. You will have to apply for a new Schengen visa.  But did you know that…
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