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EU Plans Simplify Non-EU Long-Term Residence Rules

The European Commission proposed to simplify residence rules for non-EU nationals who live on a long-term basis in the European Union. The intention is to ease procedures in three areas: acquiring EU long-term residence status, moving to other EU countries and improving the rights of family members.  At present, becoming a long-term resident requires the…
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Brexit: UK-Issued Driving Licences No Longer Valid

British nationals living in Spain will be hit with a driving ban after the two nations failed to reach a post-Brexit agreement on UK driving licences. The British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, announced that starting from 1 May 2022, all British citizens who have been residing in Spain for over six months will no…
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Spain Extends Ban On Unvaccinated British Tourists

The Spanish government has again extended temporary restrictions for non-essential travel from most third countries, but this time only for two weeks. Non-EU travellers who reside outside of the EU and haven’t been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or recently recovered from the illness cannot go on holiday to Spain until at least 15 May 2022.…
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Spain Tightens Schengen Border Checks From Gibraltar

Since the beginning of this week, Spain’s border guards have tightened their controls on people leaving Gibraltar, according to local media reports. According to reports, Policia Nacional officers at the border were demanding those non-EU nationals provide evidence of onward travel and hotel reservations in Spain before allowing them to cross the border. Authorities in…
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Transit Visa Required For India – Schengen – UK Route

A number of Indian nationals with flights to the UK with a transit stop in either the Czech Republic, France, Germany or Spain have been prevented from boarding their flights. European Union registered air carriers like Lufthansa, Air France, and KLM, which operate flights from India to the UK, with a stopover in one of…
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