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Amsterdam Tourism Campaign Aims To Discourage ‘Nuisance’ Tourists

Amsterdam has launched a tourism campaign aimed at keeping “nuisance” tourists away. Amsterdam wants to take a series of measures to curb nightlife tourism. The “discouragement campaign” wants to keep out visitors who come to the city simply for drink, drugs and sex. The campaign would be primarily aimed at British tourists, who are considered…
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EU Approves France’s Ban On Domestic Flights

The European Commission has released its official decision regarding France’s ban on short-haul flights on 02 December 2022. France has been given permission to ban short-haul domestic flights. This means that France will abolish flights between cities that are linked by a train journey of less than 2.5 hours.  The ban on short-haul flights will…
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5 Christmas Markets In The UK That You Need To Visit

The entire world starts decking up magically every year around this time. Christmas markets are a staple of festive activities and it’s good to know where the best spots are to take in the festive atmosphere. For those in need of some festive cheer as the nights grow colder, whether it’s a short trip up…
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Eurostar Announced December Strike

Christmas is around the corner and people are expected to travel. However, a wave of strikes set to hit the UK’s rail network is threatening to disrupt Christmas travel plans. Security staff at international rail service Eurostar will strike for four days in the run-up to Christmas due to a pay dispute, a British union…
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UK Planning To Limit International Students To Reduce Immigration

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is considering putting up barriers for international students bringing dependents and studying “low-quality degrees” in a bid to reduce net migration. According to reports, the idea has been introduced as part of efforts to keep the migration situation under control, after recent official statistics showed that net migration to the…
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