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ETIAS Launch Date Delayed Again

The EU has once again pushed back the introduction of ETIAS.  Instead of early 2023, ETIAS will now be operational from November 2023. ETIAS, which stands for European Travel Information and Authorisation System, is the EU’s visa-free authorization system which is similar to US ESTA. The scheme was initially approved by the European Parliament in…
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EU Proposes To Digital Schengen Visa Process

The lengthy Schengen visa process is set to go completely online in the next few years. The European Union Commission has proposed that EU countries digitalise the Schengen visa process, replace the visa sticker, and introduce the possibility of submitting visa applications online through the EU online visa platform. The new digital system will replace…
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EU Plans Simplify Non-EU Long-Term Residence Rules

The European Commission proposed to simplify residence rules for non-EU nationals who live on a long-term basis in the European Union. The intention is to ease procedures in three areas: acquiring EU long-term residence status, moving to other EU countries and improving the rights of family members.  At present, becoming a long-term resident requires the…
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Transit Visa Required For India – Schengen – UK Route

A number of Indian nationals with flights to the UK with a transit stop in either the Czech Republic, France, Germany or Spain have been prevented from boarding their flights. European Union registered air carriers like Lufthansa, Air France, and KLM, which operate flights from India to the UK, with a stopover in one of…
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US ESTA Expanded To Land Travel

The United States government has announced that the US ESTA will be mandatory for citizens of 40 Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries entering the United States by land. This new policy will be introduced on May 2, 2022. From this date, visa-free travellers to the US will still be able to enter the country by…
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