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Croatia Opens Borders to Americans

Croatia Opens Borders to Americans, Flouts EU Ban–How to Travel

Croatia Opens Borders to American Tourists Croatia flies in the face of the EU travel ban on U.S. residents & other countries by opening its borders to American tourists and business travellers.  The authorities in Croatia have decided to open their borders for all third-country citizens to enter Croatia for business, tourism, or other personal…
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Italy bans entry to arrivals from 13 'at risk' countries

Italy bans entry to arrivals from 13 ‘at risk’ countries

Italy has banned entry into its territory to arrivals from 13 countries considered high risk amid fears of a second wave of coronavirus. It means that travellers that have stayed or transited through any of these 13 countries in the last 14 days will now be denied entry into Italy. Additionally, Italian residents returning from…
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The UK’s Travel Quarantine is Lifted, But Countries Like USA, Canada, Russia & China are Still in Place

A two-week quarantine period for those entering the UK has been lifted for some travellers to England. The quarantine policy was introduced in June to protect public health against imported coronavirus cases But travellers from 59 countries including France and Spain are exempt from quarantine from 10 July. What are the quarantine rules? Currently, anyone,…
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Spain imposes local lockdown in two regions after Coronavirus rises again

Spain imposes a local lockdown in two regions after Coronavirus rises again

Spain has reinstated quarantine restrictions in a second region after an increase in new coronavirus cases. The region of Galicia, in northwest Spain, will have lockdown measures reintroduced from midnight on 5th July 2020.  This is after a decision on Saturday 4th July to lockdown 200,000 people in El Segriá, located in the north-eastern region of…
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How to Bypass the Europe Travel Ban

News released and causing a twitter storm is that the father of the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, travelled to Greece despite strict Foreign Office advice against all but essential international travel. Greece has extended its ban on flights arriving from the UK until the middle of July. But the prime minister’s father has managed…
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