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How to Avoid Getting a Visa, Immigration, or Citizenship Application Refused

Visa, immigration, and citizenship applications are critical steps to your life filled with enriching experiences and new opportunities. Looking to explore the world, advance your career, and join new communities? We are dedicated to helping you succeed in this endeavour. The consequences of application refusals can be significant, leading to lost time, money, and opportunities.…
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Schengen Visa Fee Increase: Exemptions and Global Implications

From June 11, Schengen visa fees have increased by 12.5% for both adults and children, affecting many travellers from non-EU countries.  This change, announced on May 22 in the Official Journal of the European Union, has been communicated by Schengen Area embassies and consulates to ensure affected nationals are aware. New Visa Fees: The increase…
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Discovering Croatia: How to Apply for a Croatia Schengen Visa in the UK

Croatia boasts one of the most picturesque coastlines in Europe, with its breathtaking beaches along the Adriatic Sea attracting swimmers, sun seekers, and sailors alike.  The crystal-clear waters and pristine shores are perfect for relaxing under the sun, while the countless inlets and over 1,000 islands offer endless exploration opportunities.  From the charming, historic coastal…
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UK Airports Reinstate 100ml Liquid Rule Amid Summer Travel Rush

In a surprising turn of events, the UK government has announced a sudden reversal on airport liquid restrictions just weeks before the busy summer travel season. This new rule impacts all passengers flying from UK airports, who will now need to limit liquids, pastes, and gels in their hand luggage to just 100ml until further…
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Czech Republic to Simplify Schengen Visa Process with New Digital System

Czechia is set to revolutionise its Schengen visa application process by launching the Electronic Visa Information System (ELVIS). This new digital system aims to streamline and simplify visa application and processing procedures. The Electronic Visa Information System, or ELVIS, will allow visa applicants to complete their applications entirely online. This means no more trips to…
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