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Unused Schengen Visas No Longer Valid for Entry To Bulgaria

In a move aimed at bolstering its immigration control measures, Bulgaria has recently implemented a more stringent visa policy and affects visitors with a Schengen visa. Under Bulgarian visa policy, foreign nationals who hold a valid Schengen visa do not need a Bulgarian tourist visa to visit the country. But this has changed since 25…
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Visa-Free Travel for Saudi Arabian Citizens to Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro

In a major development, citizens of Saudi Arabia can now enjoy visa-free travel to three stunning destinations in the Balkan region: Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro.  Saudi citizens can now enter three Balkan countries until the end of 2023 without the need for visas. This significant change in visa requirements opens up new avenues for Saudi…
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Summer Chaos Ahead: Planned Pilot Strikes in Spain

Travel plans of thousands of British passengers flying to and from Spain could be disrupted by a series of pilot strikes. The Spanish Union of Airline Pilots (Sepla) proposed a wave of strikes during the summer in all airlines represented by the union. Currently, Sepla has union representation in Air Nostrum, Air Europa, Iberia, Iberia…
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EU Blue Card: Sweden to Simplify Rules

Are you a highly skilled worker looking to live and work in the European Union? Look no further than Sweden, where the application process for the EU Blue Card is about to get even simpler. The Swedish government has stated that the country is planning to introduce changes to its EU Blue Card policy, making…
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Green Card Lottery Winners for 2024 Are Out

The U.S. Department of State has announced the winners of the 2024 Diversity Visa lottery.  Out of the millions who entered last year’s lottery, 55,000 applicants have been selected to apply for permanent resident status. The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program provides foreign nationals from countries that typically do not send many immigrants to the United…
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