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How to Avoid Getting a Visa, Immigration, or Citizenship Application Refused

Visa, immigration, and citizenship applications are critical steps to your life filled with enriching experiences and new opportunities. Looking to explore the world, advance your career, and join new communities? We are dedicated to helping you succeed in this endeavour. The consequences of application refusals can be significant, leading to lost time, money, and opportunities.…
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Armenians Exempt From Schengen Visa Fee Increase: What It Means for Travellers

In a reassuring announcement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia has confirmed that the recent increase in Schengen visa fees by the European Union will not affect Armenian citizens. This news brings relief to many travellers who have been concerned about the potential impact on their travel plans. According to Ministry spokesperson Ani Badalyan,…
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EU Entry/Exit System To Cause Delay At UK Border

The European Union (EU) has long been planning to introduce new and updated requirements for non-EU nationals to provide fingerprints and digitalised travel authorization to enter member states.  Despite several delays and setbacks, the system is set to go live in autumn 2024. Preparations are underway at major Channel crossing points for the new automated…
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EU Approves New Schengen Border Rules: Enhancing Security and Mobility

The Council of the European Union has officially endorsed a significant update to the Schengen Borders Code, a crucial framework governing the management of internal and external EU borders.  This move aims to bolster the resilience of the Schengen Area in handling crises at external borders while ensuring that EU residents continue to enjoy seamless…
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Schengen Countries With the Most Visa Rejections in 2023

In a devastating blow to hopeful travellers, Schengen countries denied over 1.6 million visa applications in 2023, accounting for a staggering 15.8 percent of all requests. According to data from the EU Commission, France led the pack in visa rejections, turning down 436,893 applications. This equates to 16.6 percent of all visa requests France received,…
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