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Brexit: France Warns of Fines to UK Nationals Overstaying the 90-Day Limit

Following the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the French authorities warned British second-home owners and visitors to France not to overstay their 90-day limit. At the end Brexit transition period in January 2021, UK nationals who don’t hold a French residency permit are subject to stricter limitations on their permitted period…
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90/180 Day Rule Schengen Calculator: Free Schengen Zone Stay Calculator

Schengen Calculator for the 90/180 Days Rule – Calculate Your Legal Short-Stay Days in Schengen Area With This Visa Calculator Many travellers who wish to sun themselves on the white sand beaches in Mallorca, spend an afternoon amongst the priceless works of art in the Louvre in Paris, or take a stroll around the famed…
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France Omicron Travel Restriction: COVID Test Required for UK Travellers

In light of the developments surrounding the new COVID variant Omicron, France tightens travel restrictions for non-EU travellers regardless of vaccination status, following in the heels of Spain’s announcement on travel restrictions for the UK. At present, UK and other non-EU travellers may continue to enter France with proof of vaccination and a sworn declaration…
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EU Travel Update: Booster Jab for EU Travel in 2022

Travellers hoping to head to the European Union (EU) or travel within the bloc may need to get a COVID booster shot nine months after full vaccination, the European Commission proposed in an effort to prioritise vaccination status instead of a traveller’s country of departure as the continent grapples with a surge in COVID-19. On…
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EU, Canada & the US Pause Air Travel to African Countries

All 27 EU member states agreed on 26 November to temporarily suspend travel from seven southern African nations over the outbreak of a new coronavirus variant, according to the Slovenian EU presidency. A committee of health experts “agreed on the need to activate the emergency brake and impose temporary restrictions on all travel into the…
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